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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The A Team Steps Up -- Or Rather, Some Did

We’re a day behind!

Week 2 of Idol Solo/Duet/Mentors, whittling down the last of the top 24. Ryan is still in Casual Friday dress mode, so this is still not serious I guess.

Wednesday night: solos.

First up, Shelbie. She’s playing to the fanbase with a Gretchen Wilson country song. It’s a pretty safe performance. Should have kicked it into a higher gear? Judges were lukewarm.

Manny: doing Coldplay? I don’t know a lot of them beyond the top 2-3 hits, didn’t know this one. It’s as bland as any other one though. He’s an energetic performer, just wish he’d picked another song.

Cory: doing Let it Go from James Bay. He has a nice tone to his voice. So far all of these guys seem more like pros than last week’s bunch. Still just as middle-of-the-road for me, however. They all seem capable of more. The judges seem to agree.

Amelia: the quirky girl who brought the sword to audition. Doing Wake Me Up. She seems nervous, did she get ahead of the music? Weird song choice, does not seem like her wheelhouse. Harry tells her to go with the quirky LOL!

Jenn is another weird one. Doing f’ing Beiber? My god I’m so over her voice. This sucks from note one for me. The crowd must know this one, maybe I’m too old but this was cringe-inducing for me. The judges take it easy on her for the most part.

CJ: doing Edwin McCain. His voice is pleasantly melodic after the previous trainwreck. I’m over this song, but he does a good job. The judges like it a lot. Note to Idols: wear black to help hide the sweat.

Next, Lee Jean. Doing Runaway by Ed Sheeran. Cute kid. Nice voice. This still looks like an early round performance though, right? I think he needs to bring more. If they keep him it will be in spite of this. Another odd song choice.

Trent is another quirky guy who loves hats. Doing Chris Stapleton. I hope he goes through, I would like to hear more of him. This seemed like a genuine performance. Harry is in a mood tonight, so he was light on praise. But the others dug it.

OMG 15 Tristan is up now. Doing Carrie Underwear. She has a good voice for Country. Maybe not enough gas in the tank for this, not quite? But she hit some big notes. A little wonky in spots. I like her though. It’s a night of odd choices.

Adam shows us his penis guitar? Weird. Wow, dig his gold shoes. I missed whose song is this. It was a little too much going on for me. The judges call him on it.

BTW the McConaughey Lincoln commercial with the dogs was precious.

Dalton doing Billy Idol! It’s a brilliant gamble. Can he pull it off? This is a cool arrangement. I will remember this, for what it’s worth! The judges like it too. I think this was smart and he did a good job. He’s been my Number 1 so far, and remains.

Olivia is up next. I know absolutely no Demi songs. I can’t believe Demi has this range! Has she been hiding this voice so far? I knew she could sing, but this is more than I expected. Not sure about the performance as a whole, but man can she blow !!!I think we have a horse race now, people.

I know the results are already revealed but we’re still behind a day. We’ll catch up tomorrow!

Dr. L and K OUT!

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