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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Tale of two cities: Phillip and the Pimp

Tonight was a clear example of a very good singer and a very poor one. It couldn't have been any more obvious tonight. First up....Hollie. I like the advice that they give her "Act as if the judges don't know anything and that you don't care what people think". This is the best advice that they could give Hollie....and she brings it out and brings it on. Excellent on all levels. Although...the little Hollie sashay is about the only dance move that she knows. Phil - What can I say...Phil does his one note version of a song again....completely bastardizes the song and shows zero originality...just another Phil Phillips version of a classic song. The routine is old. America is getting this one way wrong. I'm also getting really tired of the same face pulling that he does everytime they preview him before the break....Really Phil? Come up with something new....and Randy keeps talking about how "original" this guy is?....two words....c'mon. Skylar - Skylar is the "rebel" in this group? She seems to be trying too hard in her performance. This is not her genre and is shows. This is not good.....Skylar is going to have to really kick it up in round 2 or shes a goner for judges praised her. I completely disagree with their assessment here. "She's gotta have it"? Joshua/Phillip Duet; Um.....this is going to be interesting. Wow....its so obviously in this song that one of these guys can really sing and the other not so much. Was this song picked to expose Phil's lack of musical ability? Jessica - Proud't know about this....LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. This song is starting off very badly for her. oh no...this is really really bad. I love the back up singser and the horns, but this is just not a good song choice for her. There is nothing good about this song...her vocal is bad and her performance seems completely forced. Joshua - This is completely his genre. Joshua has to whole package here. Perfect vocals and he's showing a lot more stage presence each week. I think that he is probably the most talkented one in the competition, but he's not going to win. Round 1 (Best to Worst) Joshua Hollie Phil Skylar Jessica Second Round Hollie - wow...Hollie is on tonight. Beautiful vocal. Very strong performance and a nice contrast to his first song. Great job. She's reminding me of a young Celine Dion tonight. Randy is 100% correct. Hollie has been a dark horse all year, but tonight she seems to be peaking. It will be interesting to see if tonight was the peak. Phil - Time of the season - Ok...people....turn your head and LISTEN to the music without watching how cute he is. THAT was probably the worst singing ever on AI. Absolutely horrendous. That performance alone should send him packing. Skylar - Much better than round 1. What were those two weird people sitting on the bench...ok...that was just weird. Overall performance was good, but probably enough to redeem her here. Jessica - Much better than the first performance. Vocally it was very good. But I think that Jessica is going to be in big trouble tonight. Joshua - Major pimping of Joshua tonight....from the pimp spot the the heaping of praise. I actually liked his first song better. However, he clearly was the best of the night Round 2 - (Best of Worst) Joshua Jessica Hollie Skylar Phil Overall (Best to Worst) Joshua Hollie Skylar Jessica Phil Bottom 3 should be Phillip, Jessica and Skylar America's bottom 3 - Skylar, Jessica and Hollie Going Home - There is no mercy...and America clearly has Zero taste. Should be Phillip by a mile. However, it will either be Skylar or Jessica.....I'm torn...but I'm going to say Jessica. The Best of times....the worst of times.

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