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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sing Hard With A Vengeance

Songs from California/Songs You Wish You Wrote? Again with the wacky nebulous themes. Just sing anything, OK? Don't pretend this is a theme. Otherwise, what would Phil and Josh sing?

Phil: CCR , Have You Ever Seen The Rain. First a shout-out to Hot Sax Girl LOL. This arrangement sucked. Phil was Phil, so his core couldn't care less. What's up with JLo's hair and Randy's jacket? Scary. I love how week after week Steven makes back-handed compliments to Phil that actually slam him.

Hollie: wait--did they pull a fast one on us in her audition? I recall the crying rejection was played THIS year, and Dr. L did not remember her wearing a hat. That's some blatant manipulation, Idol, jeez. 
She's doing Journey, Faithfully. When will Idols stop picking these songs that waste half the time on no build? This was shaky and boring for 80 percent, then decent for the end. They praised her, why? JLo is totally reading a script-- and I swear, her emotion is knowing Hollie just blew it.
What's with everyone wearing a "6" pin?

hm, BB Chez gets pimp spot again? Also, what's with Jason D's neck brace? His Coke song still sucks, regardless. 

Joshua: clueless, I suspect, when it comes to real music bizness. He talks like a 10-year old kid, with "feelings"-- get busy winnin' or get busy goin' home, Joshua. A Grobin song. Maybe the best thus far but that ain't saying much. They praise it-- again, weepy JLo and script reading.

Jessica: Hm, over singing even at age 5. Etta James Steal Away. Hot Sax Girl alert!
Incomprehensible lyrics. And, holy shit, could she pick an older song? I think this was a bad choice. They WANT her to stay, but apparently aren't going to help in any way. Now it's Randy's turn with the back-hand compliment: the sing the phone book comment--doesn't that mean 'this song is crap but remember the voice'?

Round Two:
Duet 1: couldn't say, we FF'd past it. I'm tired of the padding.
Duet 2: they slam them? Idol, you won't have a girl win if you don't pimp them.
Adam Shankman seems like a tool. Seacrest's GF has a big part in his film? Then he's a corporate tool! I do want to see this film, though. 
Great fake out with Ryan and the note!
Group song-- FF'd.

Phil: Volcano. Jimmy loved it. I have to agree. The closest to a real moment, maybe all year. I think Phil just won this thing. Randy even spoke wisdom: sometimes the smaller moments speak louder.

Hollie: I Can't Make You Love Me. It was good-- and we cant tell what she's doing any worse than BB Chez-- but they're throwing her under the bus. So, she's gone.

Joshua: yeah he's wacky. HOT SAX CHICK! Ha. James Brown song. Good song choice. He's definitely a throw-back guy. Phil & Josh definitely got the memo this week. He's like a musical savant.

BB Chez: something from Dreamgirls. Oh Jesus, this looks like it could be awful. Parts are good, but a whole lot was shouty. I've heard 3-4 versions on Idol better than this. It would be my dream come true if she DID go home after singing this LOL. But she won't.

B2: Hollie and Jessica. Going home: Hollie.

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