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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Season 11 - Please Remember me? Sorry....this is a season that I want to forget

Round 1 - Whitney v. Stand by me Jessica - I thought it was probably one of her best performances of the season. Perfect song for her to show off her range and her power Phillip - Classis Phillip. Destroying the melody of a classic song Phillip style. If you like Phillip you'll love this. If you are a fan of music, it wasn't anything special. Round 1 - Jessica by a mile Round 2 - Jessica - The Prayer. Boring. She sang it beautifully...but it was just a plain boring song. Did nothing for me. Phillip - his trainwreck Movin out. Horrible. Again....the fools that like Phillip probably love his mutilation of a classic song. Me? I'll take Billy Joel's version a million times before I would ever choose to listen to this garbage. Round 2 - Jessica by an edge (only because Phillip was utter garbage..Jessica was just boring) Round 3 Jessica - "Change Nothing" - At least it was a better song than "This is my now"...or "Do I make you proud"...but not much. It sounded screechy to me. Not a great song and Jessica sound sharp on a number of the high notes Did they just throw Jessica under the bus? Jessica wanted to do something more Urban? God...I hope not. Phillip - "Home" - Song written perfectly for him....hmmmmmmm I wonder who is going to win? But Good luck AI...selling this single and selling this clunker of an Idol. He MIGHT sell more records than Taylor or Lee...but probably not by much OK....really AI? Really? Can you be any more over the top predictable...a marching drum line? Round 3- Phillip. Overall...Jessica was better...but Phillip will win. Jimmy looks defeated I hope AI pulls it out better in Season 12.

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DrL/K said...

Hope you are doing well RT! Have you been reading the Idol news? Crazy stuff.