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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

California Dreamin

So...I'm a little unsure of the theme tonight - Songs about California or done by people from California? That seems like a real stretch, I just get the feeling that you can manipulate any song to fit one of those two. Wow...have we really run out of themes? First up - Phil Phillips doing CCR AND he's doing "Have you ever seen the rain", one of my favorite songs..and surprisingly enough I don't hate it. I like the fact that he actually stuck to the melody for the most part...although he was stretching in parts, showing that he doesn't have much of a range. However, the song really showcased his personality which is his #1 selling point. Second - Hollie - Journey - Faithfully. My initial though was this is a great song chice for her, however, when she starts singing, it sounds shaky to me and way under her range. She's struggling. It gets better when we get to the more power ballad elements but overall it was not great. The judges LOVED it....I didn't Third - Joshua - Josh Groban "You lift me up". Total AI type song, although I"m not sure if its been performed before, allthough I have to believe it has. This is a great song and a great choice by Joshua. Perhaps because it is such a Groban iconic song, I don't love Joshua's comes across waaaay too gospelly for me. Fourth - Jessica doing Etta James. Really stupid song choice for her. AI is not a venue for this type of bluesy/jazzy song. She sang it great, but it is going to get lost by most of the AI crowd. I actually thought that she was great, but I'm going to place her second in Round 1. Round 1 rankings - Phillip (Yes....believe it or not, I'm giving round 1 to Phillip), Jessica, Joshua and Hollie Duet #1 - "This love" - Joshua is perfect for this song....not so much for Phillip. Duet #2 - What is this? Reminds me of Dolly Parton in the 70's from her variety show with the swings on the stage. Not as good as the guys. I thought it was quite funny when Joshua and Phillip came out and got in the swings. Round #2 - Phillip - It was good...but not as great as the judges wanted it to be Hollie - By and large I agreed with the was classic personality-less Hollie doing a big ballad song. I disagreed with Randy though...I thought the song choice was perfect...I just wasn't buying it. In many ways the song told the story of Hollie's journey "I can't make you love me....if you don't". In THAT sense, I think she sold the song. Joshua - absolutely outstanding....THAT was an Idol moment. Jessica - a bit oversung...but still pretty damn good.... Round 2 - Joshua, Jessica, Phillip, Hollie Overall - Edge to Joshua, Jessica, Phillip and Hollie. Hollie is a goner... America's bottom 2 - Hollie and Jessica Computer about to I gotta rush the end here....Rubbertoe....out!

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