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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No More Drama is right

Flying Solo tonight -- Dr. L is at a conference in another time zone! I'll try to represent.

2 Hrs again?!! This is just abuse, Idol. So you can have three contestants take the same time to perform as 12? No wonder ratings are down.

Phil Phil looks like a PA next to Bb Chez and Joshua, they are all dolled up. Ironic he will win. Top 12 in the crowd. HeeJun acting a fool -- I kind of miss all these people. Can we get a Re-Do?
Is that Pricilla Presley with Nigel? She looks like a wax figure.


This is the point where the "judges" pick a song for the Idols to coincide with the trip home. Randy can't even read his script Nigel wrote for him, what a numbskull. But he "picked" Etta James for Joshua:

This is Joshua's go-to vibe, old soul. He can sing, but this gets as old as any of the other one-note Idols. At least Adele, Wineheezy, Duffy etc. put some kind of modern spin on the old classics. This kid is kind of a simple-minded singing Savant, he'll never be original, just someone's puppet.

JLo picked BB Chez' first song: Mariah Carey? Smoke pimpin' on stage. Smart of them to slow BB Chez down --and yet, is she ahead of the song? A little off-key? It sure sounds like nerves to me. I am not loving this… Joshua was better. It got better in spots, but it was too freaking' melismatic to me -- it sounded like Elise. 

They are trying to put a positive spin on it, but I am beginning to LOVE how Steven Tyler infuses double meanings in his critique. "People hang on (Jessica's) every note" -- yeah, they do, especial when they are cringe-worthy.

I was not familiar with Steven T's pick for Phillip. Wow, this actually sounds like a song we'd hear on the radio, imagine that. This was the most entertaining of the three, to me. He's going to win, no doubt, right? How funny he gives the finger to them week after week. After Taylor Hicks and Phil, Idol is going to ban the color Gray.


Joshua goes home to Louisiana. All he talks about is his dad (a preacher), his Church, and Son of a Preacher Man plays behind it. Then he sings "Imagine"? WTF? It's a song about humanism/atheism at it's core, Joshua. Regardless, it's another cookie-cutter performance, good but forgettable. Now it's Randy's turn to couch the truth ("what does this song mean to you?) in a rambling critique. Is Idol Punking us?

Jessica hasn't seen her friends and family in months? Frickin' San Diego is a two hour drive from LA, tops. At least she had a better turnout than Katherine McPhee. She's doing a lame 90s Aerosmith tune. Did she flub the lyrics up front? Wow, this devolved into a shrieky mess to me. The judges should all win Emmys for the bullshit they're selling.

Phillip: irony here is, the guy with the rotten-gut medical condition gets a greasy plate of Nachos free for life. Love how they have his fans corralled in a Dog Run at the airport. Love that his Dad is packing heat in the Pawn Shop! Hot Sax Chick alert! A Matchbox 20 song. Again, a FAR better fit than the others. How out of touch are the judges? The AUDIENCE gave him a standing O, then they want to slam him. So contrived and scripted.


Joshua gets Mary J Blige. Thank you Jimmy, this FINALLY sounded like a modern song. Too bad Joshua seemed lost for most of it. Do people really just want to see him go batshit on the end of a song? It was a bit anticlimactic. Even the judges couldn't muster the fake standing O. Still, they heap praise on him. What I don't get is, what do TPTB hope to achieve? 

Jessica, with the plug for A T & T. This time, Jimmy goes old school, Jackson's I'll Be There. The song is right in her range, no doubt. Best of the night for her. She needs sing these melodic songs! Jimmy just bought her a few million votes. Jessica gave Randy a great Bitch Face.

Phil: Jimmy picked Bob Seger. Wow, another great pick. Phil truly surprised me -- that was amazing. So tender, and he had a kind of moment. I think he has this thing sewn up. Not much to say, for whatever it's worth, he was consistently good tonight.

Watching the recap, it looks like the Phillip - Jessica show. I don't know if she has the votes, but it's my bet Joshua is gone. 

 -- K

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