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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top six, but a three girl race

Angie looks incredibly hot....and the judges hit it right on....her voice is great, but there is no passion there. Amber - Wow....the makeover crew is on this week. Amber looks A-MAZ-ING! She needs to work on her choreography skills a little but her voice was incredible. Say a little prayer...I'm not sure why she isn't getting the votes that she should. Lazaro - Wrong on every level. Starting with the stylists...big miss here. That suit was horrendous. This WAS Lazaro's worst performance was in a key too low for him, it was off-key most of the song...just awful. Kree - What the world needs now. The acapella beginning did not work for me. I really didn't love the arrangement of the song at all. Funny...I disagreed with everything that Mariah said...she liked the arrangement and the beginning....oh well. I did like her hot brother from the pipeline! Janelle - stylists back on again...Janelle looks hot hot hot! Too much hokey play with the crowd and judges though. Too silly. I think the performance was good, but would have been better if she had focused on the singing and not the theatrics. Candace - Vocal performance was incredible....ranked right up there with Amber. Candaces problem is she looks older and doesn't have the same youthfulness about her that the others have. Very soulful and heartfelt performance. Round 1 Amber and Candace by far Kree Janelle Angie Lazaro Angie - MUCH better performance. Back at the piano and she looked much more comfortable and showed the passion that was sadly lacking in the first. Angie just made this a three horse race. Amber - her look is very young and hip. Vocal performance wasn't as good as the first though. However, it got much better in the second half. That song could not be an easy one to sing. Lazaro - Look once again is horrible. Vocal is as bad as the first one. Strange thing is that Lazaro has enough fans that all he had to do was put out a "C" performance and he would have made the top 5. However, both performances were so bad, I cannot see him sticking around. I think even his hard-core fans are going to have to admit that he doesn't belong here any longer. Kree - Classic Country performance. Even though it came across old fashioned....I loved it. A buckle-polisher. Janelle - Garth Brooks, the Dance, Wow...her performance is off on this one. She looks pensive and uncomfortable and the TuTu dress is all wrong. This one wasn't good and put her back down in the competition. Mariah has NEVER heard this song? Really...that seems of Garth's most popular songs. Candace - Does Adele's version of the Cure...I was WONDERING when they said Candace takes on the cure. I LOVE Adele's version, but I think Candace out Adeled Adele on this one. Awesome. Round 2 Candace Angie Kree Amber Janelle Lazaro Top one of the night - Candace, followed closely by Amber and Kree. Going home for sure, Lazaro. Angie still has a shot, but at this point its a three girl race to the finish.

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