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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cuz, I'm your lady!

So listening to Keith tonight....I decided to rate them on three different criteria - vocals, song choice and performance. First up: Amber. performance from her so far. For me...that was a perfect 10 in each category. She looks beautiful. I'm loving the hair. It was the perfect song choice that allowed her to show off her incredible range. She took a classic Celine Dion song and made it modern and current. I loved the simple beginning and how she allowed it to build (30) Candice - Vocal. There is very little I can fault here. Candice was on vocally like she always is (10). Song Choice was not great. I'm not sure that Drake is a well enough known artist and unless the song is incredible, picking a little known artist is going to hurt you at this point (7). Performance...I agreed with the judges here. Candice has a tendency to pick songs and perform them in an old-fashioned way. She already suffers from looking older than the others. The adult contemporary/R&B crowd is not the voting bloc for this show (6). Overall-- (23) Kree - Vocals...not up to her usual. There were points where I felt she was off key and parts that were under her range. (7). Song Choice - I disagreed with the judges here, I thought this was a great song choice for her...the bluesyness coupled with the country played right into her vein (9). Performance - weak. She talked in the intro about dancing and rocking out. I saw neither. She didn't look comfortable (5). (21) Angela - The judges loved it...for me it was just an eh...performance. Vocal was pretty hot (9). Song Choice...I thought it was a little boring (5). Performance - Angie is very good behind the piano. I think the judges got it right here. (10). (24). Randy was waaaaaay overboard. That was no way near the best performance of the night. Round 1.....Amber (by far), followed by Angie and Candice (neck and neck)...Kree in the rear. Round 2 - ONE HIT WONDERS Amber- Vocals - Not as good as the first one. Parts of the lower register were out of her range. However she did great on the long notes and the runs. (8). Song Choice - I thought it was a perfect choice for her (10). Performance...she still needs to work on a little. As the judges say, she has come a long way, but her dancing/stage presence is something that she can work on (8). (26). BTW...I loved the look when Nikki called her Angie. It was almost like "EW...I hate that bitch!"...but maybe I'm wrong???? Candice - Emotion. Vocals..again, not up to her first (9). Song Choice. I didn't think this was a great choice for her. It wasn't a vehicle that let her show off her abilities and the melody is not one that can carry it on its own. (7). Performance. Nikki was right...less old fashioned, so it was good for that and she comes across very professional and comfortable (9). (25). The Judge/Jimmy fight was just weird and left Candice in an uncomfortable position. You could see her saying "Hello....Hello....its my turn here....cmon guys!" Kree - Better than Round 1, but still not up to Kree (8). Song choice was good, but not perfect (8). Performance - again good...but not Kree's best (8). (24). Keith is right when he talked about "middle ground" songs that don't allow Kree to shine. Angie - Vocals. Angie sounds awesome tonight (9). Song Choice...I don't think it was great. At this stage they have to be smart and stand out. Choosing an old fashioned song like this is not going to propel Angie where she needs to be (6). Performance. Angie did a great job with the material (9). (24). Round 2 - Amber, Candice, Angie, Kree. Wow...I'm sooooo annoyed by Randy tonight. What is with his gushing over Angie tonight? Even Nikki. Even if you thought Angie was the best of the night (which I obviously did not.....she was definitely no where near the overwhelming best of the night as Randy would have you believe. His over the top praise reeks of desperation. Is it that AI doesn't see any of them as especially marketable, but believes that Angie is their best hope? Rubbertoes final score: Amber (56), Candice (48), Angie (48), Kree (45). Bottom 2 - Is going to be Kree and Candice. Going home....SURPRISE TWIST (which really isn't a surprise at all......NO ONE. Surprised? Hardly. Everyone knows that currently the season is supposed to end May 16....but with only 4 contestants, that would put the finale on May 9. This being the YEAR OF THE WOMAN. There will be hometown visits for all four and tomorrow night we will be treated to an endless night of Ryan attempting to tease us...and all of us knowing all too well that no one is going home. If someone DOES go will be Candice...although it should be Kree


DrL/K said...


I got tickets to next week's show. I could only get Thursday because of Dr. L's schedule, but if you would like to come to the show, I got 4 tickets.

If you want to meet us, just respond here and I will email you more details at the address we corresponded with last time. It would be fun to see the show together!

-- K

Rubbertoe said...

Ah much as I would LOVE to....I am going to be out of town at a wedding. I'm bummed....I would have loved to hook up with you guys. Definitely another time if you get tickets again!!!!!

DrL/K said...

No worries! We're still on the site for more tickets, and maybe Dr L will hear back for the finale LOL.

Rubbertoe said...

THAT would be awesome!!!!!