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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Idol still has a pulse!

Idol Top Six --

First off, a recap of Urkel getting the boot. Nikki displays what seems to be a rare moment of emotion. Idol edits it to make it seem like it was a shocker that he left, but it was by design that the dudes would all fold. Little did they think the tenacious gay male/Vote For The Worst vote would carry Lazaro so far.

Angie is up first in the KOD spot. Anyone who had a heart? She has a nice tone to her voice, and looks better every week, but this is kind of a half-invested performance. I felt like I was transported back to the 70s FM radio, and not really in a good way. Judging: Keith recycles the first shirt of the year. He felt the same as we did, there was no passion. Nikki agrees, then Randy piles on. Mariah makes the nonsensical comment that she wishes she'd sing a song she wrote -- on Bacharach Theme Night.

This show is STILL two hours? This is just an insult, Idol, people don't have all the time in the world.  We DVR it and speed thru and it's still too long. We counted 7 minutes of commercials at one point!

Amber -- reveals a terrifying habit of shrimpsicles. Good lord, she's singing Say A Little Prayer For You? She looks great, and this is a little better than Angie. It wasn't as ridiculously good as Nikki made it sound, but she does have star power. SIDE NOTE -- did you catch Mariah touching Randy's arm and looking at his watch? I think she was sick of Nikki LOL.

Prediction: after listening to these long-winded judges, I can see a finale where two singers perform for 10 minutes and the judges gab on for the other 110 minutes.

Sir Anthony Hopkins makes a kind of horndog comment about the "birds"?

Lazaro absolutely BUTCHERS Close To You. True, he may be cute doing it, but this is like a baby seal with a bloody carcass hanging out of its mouth. Plus, he's dressed like The Riddler -- what's with that outfit? That was possibly the worst performance I have ever heard on Idol. Nobody booed when Randy said it was horrible. Mariah couldn't shut up trying to softball the negative comments. Nikki is my hero for skipping this bullshit. If Lazaro doesn't go after this, then the fix is in.

Kree gets into the spirit of the night in her 70s-seafoam-green Anne Murray polyester top. She does the brave thing no one has done yet this season and actually sing a capella for a moment so we can hear how crystal clear her voice is. There's really scant competition for her at this point in terms of sheer ability. But does she have the votes? 

BTW, I love Randy's slightly disturbing Mario spangle pin.

Janelle -- time-warps in from Sonny & Cher to bring us What Do You Get When you Fall In Love? She looks good, has a nice tone to her voice. It really makes me wonder what the competition would have been like if all the guys this good had been allowed to compete? It was kind of a laid-back arrangement and sort of sweet, but I'm afraid all these songs are putting me to sleep.

Candice -- here's who Kree is in danger from. Don't Make Me Over. I had a couple of goose-bump moments in this one. Gets a standing O, and deserves it. Lazaro should slap himself for standing on the same stage as  her. I hope to God she gets some kind of R&B contract out of this Idol trip, so I can buy that CD. Dr. L said she wishes we had been there to hear it live.

ROUND TWO -- songs the Idols wish they had written. 

Angie makes the stupid decision to go with an obscure song. It sounds like a kind of Fundie song, however, so maybe she's a genius and I'm the dumbass. Jesus might help save her this week on that one. They loved it, and she showed real emotion. They give her some good advice for once. I think she's barely holding on, though, in the onslaught of Candice/Kree/Amber. It's her and Janelle at the bottom of the girls.

Amber -- doing Beyonce. Kind of floundered until the chorus. These Idols never learn, just because they like a pop song, it isn't always good to sing it. it's kind of too busy to show off her voice, and the key is all over the place. I think her personality carries this song further than it deserves. I totally disagree with Keith, I think it was a near-miss. She's got a future, though, and charisma for days.

Oh no. Lazaro is going to take a dump on Robbie Williams? In all honesty this is a MUCH better song choice for his voice. Not remotely his best vocal, but a far cry from the train wreck earlier. Kind of a weak finish to an aiight performance. The judges are so over him it's hilarious. They can't even bring themselves to praise anything here, because it might mean a girl leaves instead.

Kree -- Help Me Make It Through The Night. Wow. She is getting better every time out. Very pretty, almost understated performance. She's the real deal. I could almost like Country music if it's like this again.

Janelle -- doing Garth. She really did a good job. Nice clear vocal, not super-badass like Kree but authentic. The audience didn't like Randy or Nikki's weak praise. She SHOULD be safe from getting the boot, but who knows. If Lazaro stays it will be at her expense. 

Candice -- holy crap, a Cure song! Love the Cure, I didn't know Adele had done a version of Love Song. In my book, this was transcendent. From first to last, this was a "moment". I had given up hope that we would have them again on Idol. This was an incredible, jazzy, bluesy arrangement. She was so totally invested, it blew everyone else off the stage. 

It's Candice and Kree's show at this point, and Lazaro should be history. I think Janelle will be joining him in the bottom 2.

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