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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Competitor's Picks

So let me start off by just saying that I think this was one of the best Idol themese ever and it resulted in a show where all of the competitors performed well. It also had a second benefit. It really came across that these contestants really DO like each other...something that has always made AI a special kind of show....competitive but not cut-throat. One additional comment before we talk about the performances. I thought there was a lot of really weird stuff...why is AI doing this? Why were Terry Bradshaw and the UFC or whatever woman on the show for? What was any of that about....and why bring in Demi Lovato...who was treated like a 4th judge, but only parroted the comments of the other judges? With Idol's ratings way down and them seemingly struggling how to keep the show relevant I have 3 suggestions: 1. Stop trying so hard 2. Get rid of the stupid Judge's Save 3. Return to the original formula that worked so well...including the recap at the end and the group numbers (as cheesy as they are. Ok...enough of the soapbox....lets talk about the show. Best of the night? Surprisingly I would have to say Jena. It almost comes across that AI is molding her to win the show. She is gradually looking more the part and the judges are beginnning to hype her more and more...including Jennifer saying last night "You will be here to the very end". Close second - Caleb. Song was perfect for him. He shines in the upper range. I think it is clearly going to be a Jena/Caleb finale Third best of the night - I am going to completely disagree with the judges on this one but I say Jessica. I thought Jessica sounded great, she looked great and for once she looked comfortable (Despite the judges saying she didn't). I thought it was by far her best performance and one of the best of the night. Fourth - Alex. Doing what Alex does best. Problem with Alex is that these slower songs don't really do much to propel him to the front. They are nice....but I can't see him as the Idol winner without more. Fifth - Sam. and Sixth - CJ - both were good, but rather lackluster and a little boring. Sixth - Dexter. It was ok...not bad....but just didn't rise to the level of the others. So....Rubbertoe's bottom 3: Sam, CJ and Dexter - with Dexter going home. However....I think America is going to send CJ home....these will be the bottom 3 though......I have to believe that despite the judges obvious attempts to trash will backfire on them.

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