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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The AI- Five

To begin with...I Loved Loved Loved Jason Mraz as a mentor. Young, Contemporary and I really thought he gave them great feedback. Kickin off the show...Alex. I recognize the song, but I don't really know it. This is a great choice for plays very well to the uniqueness of his voice. Caleb - oh wow...this is not good at all. I have never heard Caleb sing so badly off key.....definitely got much better as the tempo picked up, actually got pretty good 1/2 way through, not enough to make up for the truly awful beginning. Oh man....I wish they would stop these duets, trios on performance nights. Save it for the results breaks up the performances too much for me. Next up - Jessica (Country Cool). Song starts off kind of boring and way too low for her range. I kinda feel sorry for Jessica with this song....the song just plain sucks. I don't know this song but the lyrics are too repetitive and the melody of the song is just not exciting. Sam - The vocals were good...and I thought the song was a great choice for him. I liked the up tempo groove feel of the song...and I loved his look. But the performance aspect drug him down. Sam is just incapable of coming out of his shell. Jena - Another song I've never heard. Started off bad...maneuvering the crowd and singing is not for Jena. But she really picked it up. By far the best of the first round. Jena is really becoming a great performer. Round 1 - Jena, Alex, Caleb, Sam and Jessica Second round Alex - Say something....oh man, I hate this super boring. I actually like Alex's version much better than the least Alex's unique delivery brought something interesting to an otherwise really boring song. Jena - A good solid performance, but not as great as her first one. Great in the upper range. Jena also had a great look in both of the rounds...loved the red/white stripes and the b/w dress. Sam- Vocal is good...but again, the performance is weak. He had his eyes shut throughout most of the song. I was hoping that Sam would grow more as the weeks advanced. I'm now convinced that he is just a little too immature and shy to really be more of a performer than he is right now. Jessica - What the what....the overly dramatic initial pose was just weird. Vocal is awesome though. Performance is getting more and more kitschy...just plain weird. She looks beautiful in the red dress though. Keith called it "David Lynch-ish"...I love that comment. Caleb - Great song choice for him. The song allowed him to highlight his top range vocals. Round 2 - Caleb, Alex, Jena, Jessica and Sam Bottom 2 will definitely be Jessica and Sam. Rubbertoe would send Sam home.....America, however will say goodbye to Jessica....although Sam's turn will be next week because it is obvious that the top 3 will be Caleb, Jena and Alex.


DrL/K said...

How are you? I enjoyed reading your comments, I think we felt the same way on a lot of these tonight. How funny was it that Jason Mraz comes in, and in a few minutes with all the Idols gives them better advice than they've gotten all these months? I hope they bring him back.

Rubbertoe said...

I agree.....much better advice than Randy. Its winding down and I actually really like this top 5. More than I thought I would. I agree that its obviously going to be a Caleb/Jena finale....and Jena is going to win. They have been pimping the "wildcard" almost eliminated story subtlely all season!