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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back to the Start -- and some weak Duets

Idol Top 8

Going back to the start? I don't get this theme -- maybe it will become apparent as we hear these retreads. BTW, I want Keith's Cobra Jet shirt -- I will now seek it out online. 

Oh, and we are back to the Idol tradition of Duets. 

Jessica -- doing an original song. I really like this song. Her dress makes her look like a tomato. I thought she did a good job, maybe one of her better performances. 

CJ-- I like his soul sound. Not as much a fan of this song, but the crowd seems to love him. He does seem like a genuine guy. I think he's OK on votes -- has he been in the B3 yet?

Now, the first Duet of the night. Wow, I already had doubts about the styling tonight, but Jena and Alex look like ass. Alex looks like a demon ate an H&M store and had a Sherwin Williams as dessert, then puked them back up on him. They sound better than they look, but were so intent on not screwing up, I couldn't really enjoy it as it had me on pins and needles too. 

Cobra shirt update: it is harder than I thought to find this exact shirt. I found a lot of knockoffs but I am determined to find it. 

Now Sam -- he has one of the best voices left in this year's group. I guess it's a disconnect with his Howdy Doody exterior, but I could hear him on the radio. Harry is right, that he needs to connect. 

Caleb and Jessica duet on  the classic Stop Draggin' My Heart Around -- this was a great matchup, they both have that AOR rock sound. 

Malaya -- her Dad seems cool. I think she's really grown a lot through this process. She re-does Ain't No Way. I was worried it would go off the rails and it kinda did once or twice but it held together much more, and showed off her range. SHe's getting better at control, and as she gets older she'll really be great. Is America behind her, though? I don't know who her voting block is. 

Dexter -- I had one of those sailor suits too, pal. This song is another in a string of perfect choices for his fan base.  Hey! it was great to see Alison. She sounded great too. 

Malaya and Sam duet -- this is like some Donny Osmond flashback from 1973. For the first time I really see how young they are! Kind of awkward for me. 

Jena -- hearing her audition again, I was reminded how I would never have voted her into the show. I wonder if her new version of Adele will be be any better? The chorus was OK, pretty good actually, but this arrangement was like a dirge. The melody was kind of strangled. Then she went into a goat-murdering melisma sound at the end. She looks the part, but I feel like I'm on acid or something when I hear her singing. 

CJ and Dexter -- this was shaky at the beginning but found itself. I just love seeing these two Alabama country boys making it this far and genuinely seeming excited to be here. 

Caleb -- Chain of Fools. This was another nuclear bomb performance. I don't know if he will win this thing, but he was born to do this kind of gig for a living. It always seems effortless. Maybe Harry is right, I find myself wanting to hear him do something that isn't cranked to eleven, too, but how would America react?

Alex -- interesting that he and Jessica get to do originals on the Idol stage. I could hear this on the radio -- I agree with Jlo, I feel like I already have. This was one of those rare Idol nights where everybody seemed invested, and it was nice to hear. 

Cobra shirt final update: sadly, I don't think they make this anymore. James Durbin ('memba him?) was rocking this shirt last year as well, but the website that had it ( doesn't carry it anymore. Looks like I'm going to have to break into Keith's trailer…

This was a tough one to call. Dr. L & I drove into Hollywood tonight and went to a taping of @midnight -- it was a lot of fun but damn it took a lot of time. Upside was, the 101 was running like the Autobahn. But we still got in late and Dr. L fell asleep on me as the DVR of Idol was just beginning! So this is my take on the Top 8.

I would say B3 is CJ, Malaya, and--to me-- Jena. I doubt America will see it that way, but who knows. I would say CJ might be heading back to the farm, but he does have that big ol' Bama voting block. I guess I will say Malaya gets the boot. 

-- K out! 

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Rubbertoe said...

Loved reading your review....especially regarding the cobra shirt. This was a crazy busy week so I didn't have time to post...barely caught the show. I agree that they all kicked it up. I thought all the performances were good. I actually kinda liked all of the duets (except for Dexter and CJ)....but I'm generally a sucker for those kind of things.
I was guessing it would be CJ going home (BTW...he has been in the B3 at least once). I like him, I just think he is inconsistent, but definitely a likeable good guy. I love his wife and how in love she is with can see it in her eyes.
As for the results, I was not surprised at all the they used to almost seemed contrived. If Sam wins the whole thing it will go back to this night, and the night before when they talked to him about "connecting" and then he almost gets voted off.....the save....lots of confetti (completely over the top). I say get rid of the save. It was only an issue a couple of years where someone went home early, the save has NEVER been used on anyone good and it breaks the flow of the show. week...I'll get back into gear!