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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Radiohead in the Pimp Spot, Who Woulda Thunk It

Idol Top Seven

Had to crack up at the sign in the audience that said "Old Broads Love Sam Too".
Keith t-shirt update: for those of you old enough to remember, the drawing on the shirt is an accessory of a turntable, so you can play a 45.

So, the Idols are picking songs for each other. Randy says it isn't sabotage, but hey, it can't be worse than what some of them pick for themselves each week. Some of the choices are really intriguing. let's see how it pans out.

Caleb: picked Alex' choice, a Kings of Leon song. Perfect song for him. This is one of those KOD spots where they KNOW he isn't going anywhere. So they must want to prop up one of their other Idols who would have died in this spot. Caleb is going to do well post-Idol. The judges all love it.

Jessica: Ryan owns up to his lack of bad-ass-ness in referencing the Miranda Lambert song. This was probably a smart choice to shift her rocker vibe over into Country, always good for a couple of votes. I think I've heard this done better on Idol before but she did a fine job. Dr. l said she hated her pants LOL.

Idol conspiracy note: I had a "Hmm?" moment in the opening sequence where they were playing up the sympathy for Malaya leaving, and then Jessica is edited in saying how happy she is (out of context). Now the judges shit on her from a great height, right after Caleb rocked it out. I think this is the substitute KOD spot I was referencing earlier. They must want her to go, and I think it's to send Jena forward, if that makes sense.

Demi Lovato walks on with the most god-awful haircut I've ever seen. It's not punk, baby. And those extensions look like they should be swinging behind a horse's butt.

Sam and Alex duet. I think the set is supposed top remind us of a basement, but I'd venture it's the only basement no dope would ever get smoked in, looking at these two. They sound good together. I thought the judges weren't supposed to critique the duets? Harry heaps derision on them anyway.

CJ: loves Spongebob and grillin'. He's doing a John Mayer tune, Gravity. This is such a sleepy song; he does a good job with it, but it never really goes anywhere. I think sometimes America blanks out on songs like this. They showed his family in the crowd, so he's got that working for him. Keith says what I was trying to say -- he needed to build to a crescendo. JLo, too. Harry praises him as well -- this is shaping up to be one of those old Idols from the Simon era where they are manipulating the votes big-time. I think they want CJ fans to think he's safe -- and he's far from it.

Who the hell is Martin Garrix? All I know about new music is what they play on KCRW, and I've never heard of this kid. Clara Hill is fantastic, BTW. You'll never se her on Idol.

Dexter: doing Muckalee Creek Water. CJ picked a good one for him, this is right in his wheelhouse. This is what CJ needs desperately, something that has some more power to it. I agree with Jlo, I like the edgier tune for him. I'm not a country fan by any means, but I can see how he would fit in with that genre. I think he sealed CJ's fate with that one, despite what they said to him.

Caleb and Jena are doing the Stones. It was kind of a weird bastardization but it showcased how these guys are easily going to the final four or so. I do like Jena's voice better on the duets but some of her goat-strangling oddness crept in. Of course Demi Lovato loved it, she has no idea how badass the original really was.

Alex: doing the A Team, a Dexter pick for him. I would probably buy a record Alex would release. He seems like an Indie guy, and he already sounds very professional. Hard to believe he's just 20. I don't know where he stands with America, but has be been in the B3 yet? This was a good song choice. I think he's safe this week.

Sam: doing a David Gray song Jessica chose for him. I like David Gray. Once again I get the disconnect, because he sounds grown-up, and then I look up and he's got that Keebler elf hat on, and looks like the love child of Howdy Doody and Ricky Nelson.
Jlo's look when he finished was priceless, kind of a "huh? Oh, OK". They take it easy on him.

Alabama Power LOL, the trio. Lady Antebellum. Jessica has her dress from her side job with the X Men on. The avalanche of scorn continues from Harry, and the others praise the individual vocals. Maybe it was kind of cobbled together, but it seems kind of over the top to beat them up for that very reason.

Jena: doing Creep by Radiohead. I had the great fortune of hearing Radiohead do this live, when they opened up for REM back in the day. This version started off weird, but it came together somewhat during the chorus. She was doing fine until a kind of screechy section mid-song. The judges orgasm all over it. It's clear now -- she's the Chosen One. My

So it's almost easier to count down from Jena to the bottom now: you know she's not going anywhere, neither is Caleb, Alex is probably fine, so is Dexter, then there's Sam, Jessica, and CJ. I think CJ is in the most trouble, performance-wise, and Jessica is next. Sam has a lot of hype buoying him up now, so I don't think he's going away.
I say CJ goes tomorrow, but it's Jessica's time soon.

K out!!!

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Rubbertoe said...

Loved reading your review...especially on the duets. I forgot how they dumped on the trio...which I didn't think was that bad. I also find it interesting that we felt the same vibes on the Jessica/Jena thing.
BTW...Garrix is the guy who does that "animal" it...I know you will recognize the tune because they play the hell out of it. Anyway...he's kind of an amazing phenomenon in the dance club scene...amazing that he is 17 and basically just produced this song in his basement.