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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Revealing the top 10...and 3 wildcards

First person through - Melaya Watson aka Tuba Girl. #2 - Ben Riley (Not in my top...but I suspected he would go through. #3 - Emily Parise - I'm pretty sure I didn't predict this one. #4 - Alex Preston aka Quirky guy #5 - Jessica Muse #6 - Dexter Roberts #7 - Caleb Johnson #8 Majesty Rose aka Disney Channel Chick....#9 ....after the break.....(I can't believe that AI is going to double down on the Spencer drama two nights in a row). Who do they think they are fooling? #9 MK....and OMG....surprise surprise surprise....last one through to the top 10 is........oh wow....Sam Wolf...I actually AM surprised.... Wild Card - First up to sing is CJ Harris. It wasn't his best in my opinion...he seemed to be straining a lot. I hope he makes it through though. Next up - Jena. Very good performance. I think that one is going to propel her through. Third up - Spencer Lloyd - this time with the guitar. Not a great performance...but he is just so damn cute....he's in. I can't imagine AI passing him up. Fourth - Bria Anai - She wants it...maybe it was just the song....but she sounded like someone who isn't going to lie down...she's fighting to stay alive. And the Final Wildcard chance.......Kristen O Conner. - I didn't love her performance, but I think the powers that be in AI like her and want her on the show.... I'm guessing Jena, Spencer and Kristen. The results: Jena, Kristen Harris. I am so shocked the Spencer didn't make it. I had him pinned for the top 3. I'm going to need to rethink my Idology. I'll be back with my top 13 rankings

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