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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rush Week Girls

My first impression: I hope this isn't the new set. It looks very amateurish...the whole thing has the feel of a telethon telecast. It seems to be lacking the usual professional look of the show. 15 girls...but only 10 get to sing. 5 go home without even getting to sing for America. Kinda harsh!!!! First up: Majesty - "Happy"... She's a little too "Disney Channel" for me. She's got a good voice, but just comes across a little too immature personality wise. 2. Kristin O'Connor - Doing an Adele song. Kinda boring performance. I don't think it was a great song choice for her. 3. Brianna Oakley - "Warrior" Demi Lovato - Nice vocal..but again...a little bland for me. I liked her better than Kristin though. 4. Jena - She feels really uncomfortable to me. She has great high range though. 5. Bria Ana - "The girl with the lips" - Doing "Wrong side of a love song" - Good performance. I thought she had a nice mix of a strong vocal and a good stage presence. Harry thought she "shouted" it. 6. Marriale - "Roar" - The first part was horrible. It got better as it moved into the chorus, but not much better. There is something about her that just really bugs me. I thought this was the worst performance of the night. 7. Jessica - There is something about her that just feels too staged. 8. Emily Piriz - Adam told her to sing more aggressively. This was great advice because I think the song worked for her, but only because of the aggressiveness of it. 9. M.K. Nobilette - "All of Me" - She has a pretty voice but it was just nothing exciting for me. Judges called it simplistic and effortless. I was underwhelmed. 10 - Melaya - "Tuba Girl". Doing "Hard Tomes". She sings with a lot of passion and energy...but for me, she is another too "Disney channel-ish" for me. Overall - I'm not entirely impressed by this lot of girls. I would have to rank the top girls - Majesty, Brianna, Jena, Bria Ana and Melaya. I think America is going to disagree entirely - I think they will pick Majesty, Jessica, Mk, Melaya and Brianna. Anyway....not a great night...but its good to be back. Rubbertoe.....out!

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