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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top 30 Boys Nite

The Olympics have really thrown us off. We watched boys Nite and Results tonight back to back.

Boys nite: let's see if they are any better than the lackluster girls. Since we are watching/writing this on Thursday, in reality the Top 10 has already been decided. 

1. Caleb (meatloaf jr.) -- Already the boys have knocked the girls off the stage. This guy is a natural. It remains to be seen if he has subtler shades to his performances, but he does the rock thing well.

2. CJ Harris -- 1st of the Alabama Triad!!! Nice soulful rendition. Dr. L said maybe he has found his niche. Roll Tide!!! I love that he had a root canal and never mentioned it. Some people don't have to bitch to get by.

3. Emmanuel -- you know he would make it. Definitely entertaining, but a little spastic in his performance. Voice was all over the place, too. Harry keeps it real. I agree with Jlo that this was not the best song choice. He does have a good spirit.

4. Sam -- a Berkeley kid. I love this David Gray song. So far the boys have been way better than the girls. This was a little shaky on takeoff, but smoothed out. 

5. George -- seems like he was having trouble breathing on the front end. Another case of the nerves, I guess. Have a lot of Idols done this song? I don't really remember it. This was a whatev performance for me.

6. Dexter -- I don't know about his outfit -- got some moobs going on. He seems really genuine. Nice tone to his voice. I like that there is no diva action here, and he has a good connection with the audience. 

7. Alex -- I like that Idol is promoting the oddball singers this year. I like this guy, but I wonder if he will connect to middle America? He has a nice voice that doesn't rely on screaming, and that's rare on Idol. 

8. Malcolm -- good song choice. I think he really connected with this one. A little sharp in spots, but it was good.

9. Ben (gumbo) -- Dr. L said the boys in general are just more listenable. I resent the blatant Tennessee Vols promotion LOL. He did a good job. I am wondering what he will do on later theme weeks. 

10. Spencer -- an energetic performance, but maybe a little forced? His vocal was not great tonight but he's one of the cute boys so he should stick around. 

I love how all the boys hugged each other -- the girls were a little more catty LOL. Now, onto the results show.

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