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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

TOP 13 - This is American Idol and this is ME!

This is American Idol....and THIS is ME! Rubbertoe in 20 seconds: I love theme parks, and spicy food...I love to shop in thrift shops and collect really bad albums based on the album covers. I'm left-handed and I love beer! First up...Dexter...was it me? I couldn't understand a word he said in the five things about him. This is not his best performance. It seems really flat to me. Not impressed with him out of the gate. The judges were do you make the song YOURS? Second up - Malaya. She's 5'2"....that's about right...because standing next to Ryan she's about 3 inches shorter. Wow...this performance is horrible. How, this would be bad for a high school talent show. The judges were WAY too nice on her. Third - Kristen - Who is she? 5 things we don't know about her...lets name one thing that we DO know about her. Beautiful Disaster? Lets just call this one...yet another disaster. Wow...what is going on tonight....three truly horrendous performances to start the show. Fourth - Ben Briley. Folsom Prison Blues - Don't love this one either....its like Cash on Meth. Great song choice...but he destroyed it....way too spastic. I'm all for making it his own...but this version didn't work at all. Ben than the first three...but that isn't saying much tonight. Fifth up - C.J. wow...he's way off key as well. I love CJ...I think he's cute and charming...but this wasn't his best. Sixth - MK. First off...I love MK's mom and friend...or whoever they are. She needs to drop the backwards baseball cap though. The performance?...a little weird. I didn't know the song. I liked the kinda jazziness to it...but her affect was flat like the others. Seventh- Majesty. Wow...she's 21? I thought she was like 15, but tonight she showed greater maturity. This was a good performance. I think one of her best. Best performance of the night so far. I loved the up tempo jazziness. Eighth - Jena. She's got a certain tone to her voice that I really like. She's got beautiful eyes..but tonight...way too much eyeshadow. Not the best performance of the night, but better than most. Ninth - Alex. He certainly keeps up his quirkiness. He is either going to grow on me....or I'm going to grow tired of him quick. I don't know which. tonight...I'm a fan. Tenth - Jessica. We've seen this type of performer before. Good Voice, but lacking the charisma to make it far in the competition. She's also got the opposite problem of Majesty. She's comes across as a little too old for the competition. Tonight though...I thought it was one of the best vocal performances. 11th - Emily. At least she sang in tune for the most part. Kind of boring song. Didn't really do much to establish her as any kind of contender. I agree with was ying without the yang. 12th - Sam. let me down slightly tonight. He's one of my favorites..but this wasn't his best. It wasn't bad, but he's capable of so much more. THAT was a safe, taking no risk performance, that was just too vanilla. 13 - Caleb gets the pimp spot. Not surprised. I think its clear that Caleb is the one to beat. Vocal was great. He has a great high range. He also put on a performance tonight...something that almost everyone else lacked. Far and away the best of the night. HE is in it to win it. Rubbertoe's ranking tonight Caleb Majesty Jessica Alex Sam Jena MK Ben Emily CJ Dexter Kristen Melaya Rubbertoe's bottom 3: Dexter, Kristen and Melaya America's bottom 3: CJ, Kristen, Emily Going home first: Kristen.


DrL/K said...

So fun to read you review -- I think we are on the same page with most of these guys.

We got some ticket emails coming already but couldn't make it, so I have high hopes we will get some more later on. Maybe we can meet up and check out the "Hotpoint" stage LOL. That new stage sucks.

I totally agree that MK needs to lose the ballcap, and several of the guys do as well. I think the styling was all over the place for everybody.

Should be an interesting season, especially once these quirky vocal styles get challenged with the different theme weeks!

Rubbertoe said... would be great to hook up this year!!!!