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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top 13 Results Nite

Results show: 

First off: Malayah? Really? She's just so freaking wacky. Then Ben. White guy with guitar? Emily, of course, since Jlo mentioned her latina-ness earlier. So good to see Alex made it. Jessica -- yes! Alabama has one in. Dexter -- now Alabama has two. Caleb -- had to have that dude. Majesty -- she's cute and spunky. MK, so good to see her make it by vote and not judge choice. Then Sam -- hmm, sure is a lot of white guys up here, America. 

WILD CARDS: First up, CJ. Love this guy. I think he was overcome with emotion. It was messed up. But the crowd loves him. 

Jena -- I have never gotten her. But Idol really wants her. They even let her bring out a piano? This is much better than what she sang the other nite. But the audience acts like it's the Second Coming. 

Spencer -- Eye candy, but kind of a soulless performance. Like a frat version of Jack Johnson or something. 

Bria -- Her gums freak me out. I think it started off OK, but she had to melisma the F out of it, and it went off the rails for me. 

Kristen? This weak white girl? I hated this song before and she's laming it up even further now. PS, 1992 called and they want their pants back. 

So, they pick Jena, no surprise. Then KRISTEN? WTF? I'm speechless. 
Thank God they picked CJ. Alabama has three LOL.

So we have our Top 13. Do you think they picked the right singers this season? I think yes and no. But I can't wait to read your take on it!

Dr. L & K out!

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