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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Karen Rodriguez - I like her smooth voice. I really like her. More than I remember liking her. She makes it into the top 24.

Robbie Rosen - I'm certain that he is through. I would be shocked if he isn't. I didn't love his final audition song though. Too Whiney!!! He;s in!!!

Tatinisa - Don't love her....I don't she should have even made it this far. I cannot understand for the life of me why they put her through. Completely undeserved.

Out - Brittany, Jimmy Allen....

Tim Halperin - I really like this guy. Especially that duet he did. Final audition was not great though. He's in...I think.....yup!

Julie Zorilla - I guarantee she's in. AI has been pimping her from day 1. She's good though...she deserves top 24. (How do you sit down in those short dresses?)

Scotty - he has a good voice on the one song that he sings...he doesn't have the voice to be in the top 24. I'm sure he's in though too...AI has been pimping him from the beginning as well. He's in

John Wayne Schulz is out....I thought he was better than Scotty

Jovanny - He is out...I'm certain. But his final audition is good. He sounds better than he has ever before in the show. Now I'm not so sure he is out...He's too into himself though. He lives to see another day.

Lauren Turner - I'm not sure that she has enough depth to her voice. She's borderline top 24. The maid made it.

Tywon Strong and Erin Kelly are both out.

Rachel - from season 6. I hate her is not flattering on her. She reminds me of that woman from last year that wore all the funky clothes. She's ok...probably enough for the top 24 but I don't see top 12 for her. She's in.

Kendra Chantelle - Not good enough. Pretty girl but voice is not there. She's in...these judges are too predictable.

Jordan Dorsey - Cute guy..and he's good, but he was weak in Vegas and there are better singers out there. He'll make it through. Final audition, I didn't love.
but he's in.

They keep showing the chair falling if it was thrown in rage....sometimes AI is tooooo predictable. Its obvious that it just fell when someone leaped up....

Lauren Alaina- She's in...for sure...I think this is the one that AI WANTS to win it all this year....and she's good. She's in. I still can't believe she is 16.

Stefano - I loved him at the Audition and in Vegas. Final audition - he's in for sure. The guy has a great voice. He's in the top 24.

Jackie Wilson - Don't love her...she's out. Girl has an didn't deserve it...think that you did, but you didn't

Jacob is ABSOLUTELY In...not just the 24 for the top 12.

Pia Toscano - She's in. I would say top 12 as well.

James Durbin- He's another one who is a shoo-in here. He is really really good.
He's another top 12'er.

Casey Abrahms - This guy bugs me. He's got a good voice, but he's another Taylor Hicks. They'll send him through...and there goes the chair.

Last Girl - Thia v. Jessica. I would say Thia. Jessica knows she is going home.

Last Guy - Jacee v. Brett v. Colton. 2 will go through. This isn't fair...I don't like leaving 1 of 3. I would send through Colton and Brett...but it could be Colton and Jacee.

Brett goes through. I thought that there were two slots. Colton should have made it through.

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