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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rubbertoe's top 12 girls

As per usual....the top 12 girls are much more difficult to pick...those that stand out really stand out, but there are a number that just blend the middle.

Lauren Alaina - Shoo in for the top 12. She's my pick to win it all at this point. However, she might end up the Didi of this year (who I picked to win it all at this point last year..and then fizzled once she got into the top 12).

Julie Zorrilla - She's in for sure. She has been the recipient of a great deal of AI pimpage. They aren't about to let her not be in the top 12. She's got a decent voice and is pleasant to look at (which never hurts). I don't think she can win it all, but she's in the top 12.

Naima Adepo - She's unique and stands out. I think she gets in on that alone.

Tatynisa Wilson - She should definitely not be in the top 12. She was horrible in Hollywood week and in the Vegas show. I still cannot understand how she got into the top 24.

Pia Toscano - She's in. Beautiful girl and a good voice.

Rachel Zavita - She's the wildcard of the bunch. Some people love her, others hate her. Is she this years Cinnabon aka Siobhan or whatever he name was from last year?
She's kind of a freak show. I don't like her and don't think she should be in the top 24, let alone the top 12....but America often disagrees.

Thia Megia - Cute girl...young....voice not that strong. She might get in based on AI pimpage, wanting to attract the younger crowd. They are REALLY making a push for that this year (I think they are afraid of losing the support of that demographic...they have really pimped the 15 year old boundary line this year). Ashton Jones - She's out. I don't understand how she got this spot over people like Lakeisha...but I'm certain that absent a stellar performance this week, she's not in the top 12.

Karen Rodriguez - Don't remember much about her, other than I thought that she wasn't that great.

Lauren Turner - Don't remember anything about her other than she's not Lauren Alaina. Not a good sign

Haley Rinehart - The only thing I remember out her is that I didn't like her that much...hmmmmmm

Kendra Chantelle - Pretty girl....weak voice. are Rubbertoe's top 12 girl predictions

1. Lauren Alaina
2. Julie Zorilla
3. Pia Toscano
4. Naima Adepo
5. Thia Megia (based on age pimpage)
6. Kendra Chantelle (based on looks....AI always has to have the one pretty girl in the top 12 that can't sing all that was that country girl from a couple years ago that I think made it all the way to #7? I can't remember her name..something Cook I think.

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