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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hollywood Week - Season 10

This is always one of my favorite parts of the show:

Lines of 10 - singing individually acapella...sudden death

First up - Brett Lowenstern - the red head. He should probably get past this round.
He makes it through

Rachel Zevita is through...I don't love her
Thia Megia - I don't love her either
Casey Abrams - He's pretty good..but not top 12

Victoria Huggins - She's got a good voice..but her personality is a little overbearing...I'm starting to REALLY dislike her. Its over for her...she looks completely shocked. She brought 11 bags? I'm glad she went home. Overconfidence is not flattering,

James Durbin - He through. He's got a really good voice...
Paris Tassin - Good enough to go on...and maybe top 12...couldn't quite hit the high note like Celine
Stormy - shes bad...she shouldn't go through
Lauren Alaina - Was better in her audition than she is tonight...but she'll make it through.
Judges got it right....Stormy goes home.

Chris Medina- The guy with the quadripeligic girlfriend - He's bad tonight
but he makes it through....I'm not sure how.

Holly Cavanguh...the girl they shouldn't have put through
Jacee - The Chicken little of the group
Robbie Rosen
Jacee, he has a got voice. Robbie- good enough to go through, but I don't see top 12 here. Hollie - is better here than she was in her audition. She should go on too.
All three make it.

Steve Beghun - I don't love him...and he doesn't go through
Belly Dancer goes home too...

Next up - Rob and Chelsey the ex-couple: Rob shouldn't make it through. Chelsee should. But no top 12 for either. They both go through.

Nick and Jacquelyn - The loving happy couple. Nick shouldn't go through...he's a one song voice. Jacquelyn is better, but neither should go through.
The judges got it right, Nick goes home. He needs to shut lost guy...give it up. I'm actually now GLAD that he didn't make it. Bad attitude Nick...sore loser.

Scotty Mcreery - Sings the same exact song. Can he sing anything else? He was better at the audition.
Jackie Wilson - Also sings the same song
Jerome Bell - Same song.
Makes me think that none of them can really sing.
They all go through to live to see another day..but they are going to have to sing something different.

Tiffany - "star" girl. Very arrogant and cocky. Hate the glitter in the hair. She's not good tonight.
Up favorite - Travis Orlando - He's not good tonight. I think the nerves got to him.
Tiffany goes through...serious? serious? Travis goes home....I'm sad. early favorite is out...but that's American Idol!!!!

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