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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What happens in Vegas...may not make it back to Hollywood

BTW.. DR L/ love love the Vegas logo!!!!

OK...time to blog about the show:

Las Vegas week...a new addition to the show.
Stefano and James Durbin - They both sound good.....James Durbin is to the better of the two.
Karen Rodriguez and Pia both went to the NY school for the performing arts. I like Pia a lot. Karen is good too, but Pia is the better of the two.
Jacob, Haley and Naima. Jacob is told not to oversing all the time. Jacob is awesome, but does oversing..the other two I didn't love that much. Randy tells Jacob not to hold back...seems like conflicting advice.

Rachel- not good enough.
Lauren - Good voice. The guido guy is weak though
Tim Halperin - very good
Julie Zorilla - I like her too.

Lakeisha - love this Diva, Jerome - he's got good style. Tatynisa - good,but the other two are better.

Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle - I'm not loving Kendra. I don't like Paul at all. The judges loved it...they had nice chemistry, but I disagree with the judges here.

Junebug sounds good even though he kinda bugs me.

Ashley Sullivan - Getting married in Vegas. At least she will leave Vegas with a husband..I don't see her going further. Sophia - is waaaay weak. Ashley was better but neither was great.

Melinda ademi and Thia Megia. I like Megia...Melinda not so much

Denise I like a lot, Scotty needs to go, Lauren was good too.

Casey Abrams, Chris Medina....Chris needs to go home...Casey is a pretty good singer, but I don't love the package.

Aaron, Robbie and Jordan. Aaron is the best...Robbie is good too. Jordan was WEAK....

On to the top 40..

Lauren....are all through. Scotty and Jordan should not be there. The rest I agree with.

Caleb and Carson cut...I'm surprized about Caleb.
Also cut, Denise, Melinda and Ashley. Denise should not have been cut. I agree that Melinda and Ashley deserved the cut.

I wish that they would have revealed all forty...they only told us about 6 of the 40.

Top 24...first up...

Naima - I like her, but I would have to say no to the top 24. She looks beautiful though so does JLo...She's through.
Holly - I'm surprized that she even made it this far. She's not top 24 material...Randy and Steven agree, she's not through.
Lakeisha out, Alex ryan out,
Jun Gamboa - he should be in the top 24 - and he is.

Haley Rhinehart - I would say no. Judges say yes.

Deandre - Cute kid. I like him..I would say yes. He's unique. Judges disagree and send him home.

Paul - A big no from me. He sounds like a muppet....and the Judges put him through.

Ashton - A big yes from me. A big yes from the judges

Chris Medina - He should not go through...but I suspect that the judges are going to put him through on AI theatrics. His final audition ices the cake that he shouldn't go through. He didn't make it through. AI made the right decision this time.

Tomorrow night....the remaining finalists!

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DrL/K said...

Hey, glad you liked the Vegas picture! And we agree with you on so many of the contestants that went forward on performances that were "wha?" while others got cut. Oh, the Idol intrigue LOL.

Let's get together sometime and watch the show! Long Beach, LA or somewhere in between :)