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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreams Crushed? Check! It's Hollywood Week Again!

If you click on the link above there's an interesting article from MSNBC/TODAY about the Hollywood eliminations, this week and last. The numbers caught my eye: 327 hopefuls made it H'wood this year, FAR eclipsing the previous record of 234 in Season Two, and dwarfing last year's 181.

So, while Tyler, JLo and Dawg seem to be a little sweeter than Cowell & Co. in years past, there's actually a slaughter going on right in front of us. And it ain't over -- ultimately after Hollywood (and Vegas? Rumors...) there will actually be only Twenty slots instead of Twenty-Four, so this will be a lean little group of cattle by the time the voting begins.
Can't wait to see who survives, and who cracks under the PRESSURE!!!
-- K

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