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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Idol does Frisco

Last night of auditions (thank you)....and its Frisco.

Up first - Inessa Lee (from the Ukraine)...she shouldn't go through. Cute personality..and she's from Tujunga (near me)...Its a no. Great attitude though..

Brittany Mazur - Decent..but not sure
Matthew Nuss - Ok..but not good enough to go far

Stefano Langone - got in an accident and almost died. Cute guy...but can he sing?
excellent voice. He does some weird proununciations and a little nasaly, but he's got the musicality to go ar. He could be a top 12'er.

Clint "junebug" Gamboa- Kareoke guy...better than a Kareoke singer...but not top 12 material.

Loved the Transfromer guy...he actually had a decent voice.

Julie Zorrilla - Beautiful girl from Columbia ...good enough to go on, but won't make it further than that. "Best birthday present ever".

Dave Combs - He shouldn't go through....and he doesn't.

Emily Ann Reed - House burned down. We've heard this voice from several years past performers. Its unique but it doesn't travel far. I doubt she will travel much beyond Hollywood.

James Durbin - Lost his dad to a drug overdose. Diagnosed with Terrets and Ausbergers. Great voice. Kinda reminds me a little of Adam Lambert. I think this guy has a good chance to make the top 12....if he can keep it together.

Finally the auditions are over....bring on Hollywood week!

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