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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rubbertoe's rundown of the top 24 (first, the guys) lets take a look at the top 12 guys and girls and predict the top 12

Brett Lowenstern - This guy has gone as far as he will. He was lucky to make the top 24...his luck will run out.

Casey Adams - I don't love this guy. I see him as another Taylor Hicks. People seem to like him (like they liked Taylor Hicks)...he's an ok musician (like Taylor Hicks)...and I suspect that he will go further in the competition than he should (like Taylor Hicks)...although I don't think he'll win it.

Clint Gamboa - another top 12 guy. He's weird and I don't love the overall package, but he's got the pipes to make it into the top 12.

Jacob Lusk - A shoo-in for the top 12. This guy has incredible range and a beautiful voice.

James Durbin - #4 to go into the top 12. He's no Adam Lambert, personality-wise, voice-wise, stage presence-wise. But he's got one of the better range and better voices in the group and a great story to go with it.

Jordan Dorsey - Cute guy...but lacks the voice. He makes it into the top 12 only if he gets there on looks....or does something incredible in the next performance.

Jovany Barretto - Goner. Second weakest of the top 24. He thinks he's so much hotter and better than he is....and lets face it....he isn't.

Paul MacDonald - I can't imagine that he is going to make the top 12, but he's one of those wildcards that you just can't judge. To me, he sounds like Kermit the frog and his performance style verges on the spastic. People either love him or hate him. I don't think he'll make it

Robbie Rosen - He's another cusper. He has a weird mouth..but a good voice. I'm going to say he is in, but it depends on his performance.

Stefano Langone - He may not have the best overall voice, but he has the package. He's got the boyband good looks and a nice stage presence. I think he is in the top 12

Tim Halperin - Suffers from the lack of AI pimping. Honestly, I recognize the guy, but can't remember much about him. He'll need a knockout punch to get into the top 12.

Scotty McCreery- Lock the doors and turn the lights OUT. This guy shouldn't be in the top 24. I can't believe they picked him and left other's out. The guy is a freak show novelty act. I swear to GOD, if he sings "Turn the lights down low" this week...I'm going to leap through the TV and personally kick him off the stage.

So....Rubbertoe's guy picks for the top 12
1. Jacob Lusk
2. Stefano Langone
3. James Durbin
4. Casey Adams
5. Clint Gamboa
6. Robbie Rosen
or Paul MacDonald

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