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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The top 13 - the women rule!

The Top 13 looks alone...this top 13 looks weak weak weak.

Guys v. Girls.
Guys do Stevie Wonder....Girls do Whitney Houston.
Only the bottom guy and the bottom girl and the judges...not voters will decide who stays and goes.

Why is the mosh pit so empty?

Up First....Joshua Ledet. This should be right up his alley based on waht he's sang in the past weeks. All in all a good performance. Not his seemed a bit rushed to me, but he showed a lot of personality and his vocals were awesome. Strong start to the night.

Elise Testone - Greatest love of all sounded like a complete mess....then they recommended Be me baby tonight....Elise doesn't seem open to the suggestions.
The performance - she seems completely out of her element. She was very good with the phrasing, but melodically it wasn't there for me. She was completely shaken by the judges criticism. She looked angry

Jermaine Jones - This guy could have made it in the 70's but I don't see him contemporary. Voice was good...but the package isn't there.

Ericka Van Pelt - Wow...that dress looks horrible on her. That is completely the wrong style of dress for her. Her low register is really really nice. Very nice vocal performance. I wanted to see her let go a little more and ratch it up a notch, but good solid job.

Colton Dixon - I love his throwback to the 80's Howard Jones look. This is not his element....starts out weak, but when it got to the climax he showed what makes him a top contenteder here.

Shannon McGrane - They told her not to run for for the climax and when she did it again, it was great...but during the performance....she completely ran for the climax...chalk it up to nerves? The climax was great but the lead up was not great.

Deandrea Brackensick - This should be good for him...and he is definitely in his element. Fun....energetic performance. The falsetto was pitch perfect.

Skylar Laine - Very nice understated performance... until the huge climax. She has a level of maturity on stage that the others are lacking The one thing that may hurt her is she comes across as an old spirit...more of the classic country than contemporary. Best of the night so far. She has solidified her spot as one of the ones to beat this year.

Heejun Han - The guys sense of humor is fun. ...Heejun's problem is that he seems to only be able to sing the soft ballads. He has a beautiful tone and vibrato. But this isn't going to win him votes for long.

Holly Cavanaugh - She looks great tonight. I still don't understand how you sounds so great when she sings....but doesn't enunciate when she talks. This song fits her perfectly. She raised the bar...

Jeremy Rosado - I've said it before....and I'll say it again. I don't get him. I find his voice whiny and annoying. I think he was a touch better than Jermaine...but not much better.

Jessica - "I will always love you". She looks absolutely amazing. I don't love the beginning of the song...but once the music starts she slayed it. Wow....I'm glad I stayed awake this week. I think I am WAY wrong on her. If I were to redo by predictions I would certainly not have her leaving first. I still don't see her in the top 5 but she'll be around for quite some time.

Phil Phillips - True to form....he does the one version that he knows. This is going to get old really really really fast.

Rubbertoe's rankings

Elise Testone
Jermaine Jones
Jeremy Rosado
Phil Phillips
Shannon MaGrane
Heejun Han
Ericka Van Pelt
Deandre Brackensick
Colton Dixon
Joshua Ledet
Skylar Laine
Holly Cavanaugh
Jessica Sanchez

At the beginning of the night, I would never have believed that I would have the top 3 all women...but the girls ruled tonight. In fact, with the exception of Joshua and Colton, I don't think there is a guy that will make a serious run at the title.

Rubbertoes Bottom Girl and Guy: Elise Testone and Jermaine Jones.
America's Bottom two: Elise Testone and Jermaine Jones.

Who Should go home: Jermaine Jones
Who will go home: Elise Testone.

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