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Trent Harmon Wins The Last American Idol

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rubbertoe's Educated Guess

So I haven't seen the show (I'm at a conference in Arizona)...I'll watch it this weekend....but I did see some clips on the news and youtubed a few.

My picks for the bottom 3: Deandre, Heejun and Ericka

My brain tells me to pick Heejun. I think Deandre is too cute and they want him on the Top 10 tour to attract young girls. I don't think Idol would let him go even if he had gotten the lowest votes.

My gut tells me to pick Ericka because two guys have already left, and both Deandre and Heejun probably have their own voting blocs.....Ericka blends in with too many of the other girls.

So going home tonight: Ericka

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