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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its time for a girl to win....but none of these girls look like an American Idol...that's my first impression....maybe things will change. least we didn't have to deal with the "feigned" drama tonight....that was sooooooo boring last night.

First up...Country girl...Chelsea Sorell. She likes to shoot a gun...but fiddle guy is back. First spotting of him.
Funny thing...I don't remember this girl at all from the auditions...but I kinda like her. She's got some good stage precense. Voice could be better......Voice 6/performance 7 = 13
Surprisingly the judges were hard on her. I disagree with them here.

Ericka Van Pelt - She sounds like she's singing in a tunnel. Like she's singing in the back of her head. She's got some good stage energy. Voice 5/ performance 7 =12

Jenn Hirsch - Family owns a vineyard....hmmmmmm....Why do people keep singing Adele? Jenn is certainly NO Adele....and whoever did her makeup made her look oragange like an umpaloompa. She's got some good range...but it was just aiiiight for me. Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12 Wow...she looks HUGE next to Ryan.

Brielle - Cheerleader from Stanton Island (with her abnoxious New Jersey Mother)....
Low range is not there at all. Much better in the mid range. so.....Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12.
Judges are on crack again....she was NOT good...yet they are fawning over her...REALLY? and shes completely abnoxious on top of it.....she's gotta go soon....

Hallie Day - This song has been done a million times on Idol *(Best by Adam Lambert)...She doesn't have the stage presence to pull this song off. She does have the voice though. Voice 8/Performance 5 = 13

Skylar Lane - She kinda DOES look like Reba tonight. The first time that I've understood the comparison that the judges keep making. Excellent stage precense. Voice good, but not anything that has me jumping up and down. Voice 7/performance 9= 16

Baylie Brown - Another Cheerleader. Trying to make her Grandpa proud. She looks BEAUTIFUL. Performance is lackluster though. Nothing special about the voice. Voice 5/Performance 5 = 10

Hollie Cavanaugh - One thing...she doesn't enunciate when she talks. She has a great singing voice though. Zero stage presence though. Voice 8/Performance 4 = 12
She must been TEENY because Ryan looks like a giant next to her.

Halley Johnson - From Portland Oregon. She's a pretty girl...but she needs a makeover if she is going to be the AI. Oooooo....the beginnign is horrible. Her low range is lacking completely. She's got some stage presence....but the voice is horrendous. Voice 2 (sorry....)/Performance 7 = 9 That was absolutely horrible.

Shannon McGrane - Has the ex-MLB pitcher father. Sport has been a big part of her life. Is she wearing her prom dress? She's got good range. From the lower to the upper. I would say, definitely one of the better voices of the night. Voice 8/Performance 7 = 15

Jessica Sanchez - I slept through it....literally. Don't know how to rate her.

Elise - She's got a great the raspy quality to it. 8/performance 7 = 15
(another Adele song...but she actually pulls it off).

Skylar Lane
Shannon McGrane
Hallie Day
Chelsea Sorell
Ericka Van Pelt
Jenn Hirsch
Hollie Cavanaugh
Baylie Brown
Hailey Johnson

I'm too tired to do my rankings.....that will have to wait until tomorrow!!!!!

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