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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Late Than Never Part Deux: The Rankings

Ok, I know that I shouldn't even be able to put rankings up, but I'm gonna cuz I started the damned blog . . . and what. :)

Here are my uninformed rankings:

13. Jeremy - cuz he's gone . . . and should be
12. Jermaine - cuz he's 38 . . . just sayin
11. Erika - cuz she will get another week of freedom and looks like a drag queen
10. Elise
9. Shannon - she reminds me of underdogs from the past that will stay around longer than she should.
8. Joshua - I don't really get him
7. Colton - He could go much further, but I think the hipster might go early.
6. Heejun - I'm giving him a bit longer than I think I should . . . I think his personality and decent voice will allow him to stay awhile.
5. Skyler - She has a great voice, but her twang will take her out before the top 4
4. Deandre - That cute face and that swagga will take him into the Top 4 . . . but no longer.
3. Phil - I LOVE Phil Phillips, but I think this is the year of the girls
2. Jessica - I think she has the best voice, but there is one package that is better. . .
1. Hollie - I think there is one voice that is better, but she might be the whole package.

I know that I am coming in late . . . and I promise to give everyone else MANY MORE POINTS . . but I hope that I will be included. :) :) :)

See you next week.


DrL/K said...

J is back in the hizzy!

Dr. L & Kizzle are looking forward to another great
Lil Taster season!

Of course J takes the lead right out of the box --
it's like Nostradamus :)

Rubbertoe said...

Hey J....Glad to see you here! I was missing your input. But hey....I want a do-over!!!!! I have Jessica in 13 place....ima gonna get KILLED in this years tasters points!!!!!

J said...

I think you should both get to readjust your rankings based on the first week's performances . . . that would level our playing field. What do you think?