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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Idol Idol's

First up - Coloton (God) Doing some Christian worship song. I found it a little freaky and strange. It was about having a love affair with God...sorry, but I just didn't get it. I thought he sang it well, but it was a little strange. A lot of emotion but it all seems a little Stepford Wivesish to me.

Skylar - (Miranda Lambert)Started off weak. Once it got to singing part...MUCH better. I love the attitutde that she sings with. This performance was very Jekyl and Hyde for me. The more talky parts were not very good, but the singing chorus was great and full of energy.

Heejun - Seems like Heejun must have taken a lot of heat for his "joking" side. He's returned to the ballads. I think he sang the song beautifully, but I think they exorcised his soul and I think he could be in trouble as a result.

Hollie (Carrie Underwood). The problem with doing other Idol songs is you'd BETTER do it better or you are going to fail...and Hollie didn't come close to Carrie. Hollie does better with Celine Dion style songs, Country is not her genre. For me...this was a bit of mess.

Deandre (Eric Bonnet) He looks like a star. But the high voice/falsetto is going to kill him this week. Poor choice here. He showed a lot of control and stye, however, he is a goner for sure. The judges loved it, but I don't think that America will.

Jessica (Somebody I've never heard of) Great vocal performance of a song that I have never heard. She is really really good.

Phillip - (Johnny Lang - somebody else I've never heard of). Phillip is best when he does more upbeat songs like this and doesn't try to do his one version. I still can't stand watching him (although he is very cute), but I can't stand people that have to contort their bodies when they sing. This was one of his better performances. And he did the Dr L/K growl thingy at the end!

Joshua (Mariah Carey) Personally, I thought that he oversang the song. The emotion seems a little fake to me, but parts of it were good.

Elise Testone (Led Zepplin) Awesome. I'm not a big Elise Fan but she chose a perfect song for her and she was in her element. Best package of voice/performance of the night.

Worst to Best


Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Deandre, Hollie and Skylar
America's Bottom 3: Heejun, Deandre and Skylar

Going Home: Could be Deandre or Heejun. My heart says Deandre My Brain says Heejun. I think the Judges push for him might keep him in but I'm going to stick with my gut...Deandre goes home.

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DrL/K said...

Great review Rubbertoe! You were spot on with your Colton, Joshua & Heejun reviews. I couldn't get Kelly out of my mind when Joshua was singing that song and as you put it - the emotion was fake.

FYI - we are working on possible Idol tickets - will let you know as soon as we hear. Hopefully a Tasters' viewing party including J??

DrL :)