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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The songs of Billy Joel

First up - Deandre. One word....HOT HOT makeover that they did on him definitely amped up the hotness factor. Only the good die young. I liked the energy, but Randy was right, maybe a little too happy. This is not his genre. I like Deandre best when he is doing the island vibe. It was good...but as Randy said, it didn't wow me.

Ericka Van Pelt - New York State of Mind. Went Big with a new hair cut....AND COLOR. (Not since the Sanjaya ponyhawk have we seen such a transformation) Wow...again...she looks fantastic. The song really showcases her voice...especially the lower register. I would have liked to seen her take a few more chances with the song especially in the second half, but all in all, I thought it was excellent.

Joshua - "She's got a way". Why did he choose a song that he doesn't know? He states he wants to show off his blues side. He's off a little at the beginning...hits a couple of clunker/flat notes. When the song hits its stride, it showcases what he can do with the song. I thought it was good, but it wasn't what he is capable of doing. Jennifer was right...he was singing it, but he wasn't "feeling" it. Style - not sure about the outfit. They cleaned him up a bit and he looks more polished, but I'm not diggin the outfit.

Skylar - Wow.....Wow....for me...that was horrible. First off, complete lack of originality, she took Shameless, which Garth Brooks covered. Song was weak in the low register and completely forced in the upper register...and the look was awful. That dress she was wearing look weird on her and they put her in pumps? I wished that she would have done something completely different.

Elise - Vienna. One of Billy Joel's lesser known but GREAT songs. She is one of the contestants that needs a MAJOR makeover. I'm hoping that they do something with her like they did with Ericka. Rommy hopes that there is transformation from head to bottom. She looks good..I think what they did works for her. I would liked to have seen a little more transformation, but this is a good start. The song choice is good for her, it fits her raspy voice very well. The only problem is, she did nothing with it. in trouble tonight, yet again. The run at the end was just plain freakin weird. Wow...I'm not sure what the judges heard. A standing ovation, really? I'm thinking that America heard what I heard, not what the judges heard. Sorry Randy but THAT was not an Idol "moment" not even close to it. It seems really forced, like the Judges are trying to create something here that obviously wasn't, complete with bringing up her nieces and showing the crying family.

Phil Phillips - Tommy tells him "You need some HELP"...LOL...too funny. Phil doing his one version of a song...this time Movin Out. ..OMG, I HATED this..absolutely HATED this. He absolutely butched this song. His one song repretoire is getting really old and this was plain awful. He took none of the advice that was given to him and it showed. And the Judges are on more crack. Brilliant, Randy....really?
"He's not a guy about image...he wants the music to be first", Really Phil, then let someone else sing.

Holly - Pimping with the "Diva Dog". Tommy says she dresses like an old lady. She wants Glam. Singing Honesty. Excellent choice for her. Funny...I think they made her look OLDER, not younger. Vocal perfomance was spot on, after a few sharp notes in the beginning. The performance however, missed the WOW factor. Good...but not great.

I'm begining to wonder if its backwards day...are the judges praising the horrible ones for some reason tonight?

Heejun - He is absolutely hilarious...but I don't know that America gets him. He looked great until he took of the original outfit. Fun perfomrance. Vocals weren't the best. I think he did well enough to get through though.

Jessica Sanchez - Absolutely Ah-MAZ-ing. Talk about an Idol Moment. THAT was an Idol moment Randy. I would even go as far as to say one of the best performances ever on Idol. And the fashion advice was perfect. Absolutely beautiful....on every level.

Colton - Picks the ultimate Billy Joel song. It was pretty good, but pales to the original. That's the danger in picking a song like this.


Big Big Big Space



Rubbertoe's Bottom 3 - Skylar, Elise, Phil

America's bottom 3 - Skylar, Deandre and Heejun

Who SHOULD be going home: Elise or Phil

Who will be going home: Heejun (maybe Skylar)

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