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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All About Me (last week)

Last week American Idol 

Performance Night Wednesday 

First off: 20 seconds about me (K) -- 1. I like to work on cars (as a hobby) 2. I love sushi (and beer) 3. I can draw (like, old school with a pencil) 4. I broke my ankle when I was young and now I have a bunch of pins and screws in it 5. I was born in Nashville. 

Theme: Who I Am 

Interesting that Ryan doesn't have to walk down a big-ass flight of steps at the beginning of the show. Top 13 are getting ready to perform
stage looks like a giant hotpoint stove
Harry is such a gentleman! Pulls out the chair for Jlo every time. 

New voting procedure - clearly to target the younger audience

Split screen with contestant/Randy and the family. 

ARggh on Keith's hair this week! Why are they messing with it? 

Dexter - starting with upbeat country song - good beat His mama got some big ol Bama hair! needs some work on stage presence - but in tune and audience seems to love him. 

Malaya - Bruno Mars tune  - Runaway Baby. Randy says she has an annunciation issue. I would agree! This is kind of a train wreck performance. K says she is in trouble with this performance. She does have good energy on stage - but vocally not so much…

 - Can't really do the 5 things quiz! Kelly Clarkson song Beautiful Disaster. Pitch is all over the place. Not really connecting to emotion of the song. Beautiful Disaster really seems to sum this up. JLo comment about not thinking is a good one - trying to share a moment with the crowd. 

folsom prison blues. Putting his own spin on this - amped it up a bit. I am NOT a fan of his voice…

CJ - teetering on being out of tune on the Darius Rucker tune. Good song choice though. Energetic. Seems focused and wants to do his best

Satisfaction  - didn't know this song. She seemed to have a good command of the song. Seems more comfortable - ready to see how she does in future weeks. 

Her voice is much better than malaya. Seems more mature than her age.Seems to be a good song choice for her

Jena - sometimes her voice is annoying and sometimes it is really good. Seemed like a good choice and she did well with it. I think it could get old. 

Jason Mraz - Beautiful Mess. Best vocal so far - seems to be the best song choice and fit for a performer so far. Seems to really understand the emotional connection to the song. Simple and it let him come to the forefront of the performance. 

Crow and the Butterfly - good song choice - sounds amazing, crystal clear. Didn't like the animation with the crows in the background. Very strong performance - if anything, just a little stiff. 

Emily - Glitter in the Air. Started off too low - seems better in middle of song. 

Sam - Matchbox 20 song. Pretty straightforward cover of this song. Has a really good voice - but I don't know if he is doing anything special. Does well for his age - audience loves him. 

Caleb - 
Band of out of the LBC - hey y'all!!! Love it - said he picked it because it was a modern rock song. Saved the best for last! Loved it. Saw Tay-Tay in the audience - must have a made a quick trip over from his Vegas gig. Crowd going crazy! 

Rankings for Dr.L and K: 

Top 3: Caleb, Jessica, Alex 

Bottom 3: Malaya, Kristen, Ben 

Going home:  Kristen 

Thursday night - 

Randy's take: First 4

Malaya- song got the best of her.
Jena-- needed to connect, did good. Ben -- they actually slowed it down? Jesus. But Randy liked it. Alex -- band or not? liked the subtleness the best of the 4. The Vote:
Ben safe…Alex safe as well, after the fakeout from Ryan. Jena? She's safe, so as expected, Malaya takes the walk of shame.

Candice Glover -- I had actually forgotten who won LOL. 

Second 4

MK -- wanted to get her moving, liked the ballcap? Sam -- needs to work on the performance to match vocal. Majesty -- loved her. Dexter -- wanted him to make it his own, but liked it OK. 
The Vote: 
Dexter is safe (Bama vote coming out?)… Majesty is safe… MK… is in the bottom three. Sam is safe.

Keith's "find", Jake Bugg: I don't get it. 

Third group

CJ -- got to be consistent. Kristen -- pretty good, but no emotion. Caleb -- electric! Jessica -- great, commands attention. Emily -- good performance but no edge. Kristen heads to the stool. We got two of the three. 

Final dim-the-lights moment: MK is safe. Malaya is safe -- and Kristen has to sing for her life.  Idol makes a shameless narcissistic facebook play to show voter's faces on the screen. 

Personally, I've never seen what Kristen was doing here. There are so many better singers that got let go. She basically gives her one performance again here. Actually better than the night, but not great. If they use the save I'll be stunned… and they don't. Good call. We actually called this one, because she sucked so hard. It doesn't always work out that way with America voting.

Wow -- cold blooded -- Idol actually has a version of our "booted" grid above the stage! You actually see you light get snuffed out as you get kicked off the show. Damn, that ought to crush some spirits. 

Anyway, sorry we were late on our reviews, it was a crazy week. We'll be on top of it this week.

Dr. L and K OUT! 

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