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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DrL&K's Top 12 Guys

DrL & K's Predictions for Top 12: Guys

Here's our picks for the rankings for the Top 12 guys. We had to say that it was hard to pick among this group, because we didn't really remember some of them. It's a shame that some of these guys have been cast as 'villains' so early in the competition - it makes it difficult to overlook the personality issues and think about the singing!

1. James Durbin - he's this year's Adam Lambert - so he's gotta be here! Strong voice - hopefully he will be able to keep it all together during the performances each week.

2. Jacob Lusk - soulful, pleasant personality, one of the few 'big' voices in the competition. Expecting good performances from him!

3. Casey Abrams - quirky, good personality, sings and plays instruments

4. Robbie Rosen - cute, sort of a young 'Fonzie' - meets the criteria for the young demographic that Idol is looking for.

5. Paul McDonald - been getting some pimple - and nice voice. Will make the Top 12, but will drop out early - gets lost in the crowd.

6. Stefano - looks like a good one for the Top 12.

7. Brett L - Dr. L thinks Brett is Top 12 material without a doubt, and K doubts it - so we put him on the cusp of not.

8. Tim H. - great voice, could make it to the Top 12 - but could just be in the competition only a brief time. He will probably quickly disappear.

9. Clint (JunBug) Gamboa - presented as too annoying and he has been cast as a villain so far…so not in.

10. Jovany - not a lot of exposure. Beautiful voice - he could go either way for us.

11. Jordan Dorsey - also has been portrayed heavily as a villain. He has a great voice when he is on his game - but that could be overshadowed by personality issues or 'team player' problems.

12. Scott McCreery - Baby lock em doors while a tornado's ripping through the trailer park and he is outside! No disagreement here at all - he is at the bottom of the pack.

Looking forward to a fun week of performances! We will post our Top 12 girl rankings before Wednesdays' performances.


Rubbertoe said...

Curious...were your picks based on the performances tonight or before the performances?

DrL/K said...

Hey, these were "before" the show (even though the show was on while we were doing it -- we always DVR it so we can zip through the commercials).
We thought it was only fair to try and post our picks pre-show since you had done that. We took notes and will have a post-show recap, too :)


Rubbertoe said...

Awesome!...hey what's up with the rest of our crew!!! slackers!....

and once the show gets started...I wanna plan a date for an idol viewing party somewhere we can meet!