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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ryan and Goliath

New stage-- looks pretty busy. To distract us from the singing?

12 guys: holding off secret 13th?

Up first:Reed:nice, jazzy, holding off on the crazy-- what'd they bleep?
Good song for him. Casey name-drop! KOD spot? Prob think he's strong enough to hold the curse off.

2nd: Adam: (cute dog @ home video) doing Aretha-- looks comfortable onstage. Handkerchief gimmick is going to get old. Pretty good, but kind of a safe choice.
Ah, wouldn't be Idol without gay humor...

3rd: Deandre: Earth, Wind & Fire--falsetto shaky @ first, but pulled it together. Dr L loved it! I'm not as big a fan, but he did okay-- if you like that sound. Does America? Ha!-- Ryan just pimped the kids!

4th: Colton, from my hometown of Murfreesboro; doing Paramour. Good current song-- maybe a little screechy at one point? They obviously love & want to propel him-- will the Tweens respond? Cute kid.

5th: Jeremy:Sara Barelis? Man, I don't listen to enough current radio, I guess.
Pretty voice. Nervous @ start? One of those songs that sounds warbly to me, but the crowd loved it. I do like this kid. They want him to go on.
Side note: Randy's shirt looks ridiculous, and the JLo/Steven shot was cute.

6th: Aaron--doing J5: did adequate job-- not as excited as JLo. Note @ end was an attempt to "wow", but shouldn't have there been more?Seemed like another victim of nerves.

7th: Chase: Country boy. His whistling woke up our cat! Pia sighting. Good voice. Not a fan of these "lyric-gymnastics" songs, because it doesn't leave a lot of air to bust out big notes. But he did okay. So far, judges throwing all softballs.

8th: Creighton: putting shout out to oddballs. Was worried about song choice, but it was a great fit for his voice. Very nice. Dr L got goosebumps. Was all the "6 have to go!" talk supposed to be a hint?

9th: Phil! Southern boys have built in fans, right? Kind of a weird take on In The Air Tonight... Dr L doesn't like his leg-lift move LOL. They CLEARLY want him to stay-- but Randy had to say something. Was almost dirge-like.

10th:the kid, Eben: doing Adele? Holy shit, the stage is on fire!! Rough in most of it, but nice @ the end. I like that Randy is the resident bad guy. Somebody's got to do it. Kid's got a good voice, but this was the worst so far.
The ladies: a shitload of blondes.

11th: Heejun--(cute dog, cuter mom) love this Robbie song. Maybe not best for his range, but sounded sweet. Will he survive Idol Asian curse? They must be concerned he'll get lost in the shuffle. What's up with the glass-less glasses?

12th: Joshua: Mantasia? Well, Idol better pimp the F out of him. Maybe the best voice of the guys? He's got my vote(K). Incredible. If this guy doesn't stay it's the biggest crime in Idol history.

NOW: the mind-fuck:
Number 13 is Jermaine. Since he's 5' 10" that makes Ryan 3' 9"...
Doing Luther. Sounds great-- such a clear tone. Boy he gave it his all! They want him to stay-- will America keep him?

Our call as to who goes home:Adam, Aaron, Eben, Phil, Deandre, Jeremy, with Heejun if a 7th goes.
What did you guys think?

DrL & K

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