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Thursday, February 9, 2012

American Idol meets Hell's Kitchen

Dr L and K you are right on......what is up with the staged drama? Its almost as if the producers of AI got together with the producers of Hell's Kitchen to bring us the most SHOCKING AI season ever. The staging is very "Hell's kitchen" with the Ambulance lights and sirens and the dramatic pauses.......I mean...don't get me wrong...I love Hell's kitchen....I'm just not sure that I'm loving it here on Idol.

I have a new conspiracy theory it possible that Idol is cutting all the good guys to make sure that a girl wins this year? AI has been heavily male dominated over the last few years....During the first five years...we had Kelly, Fantasia and Carrie...but since then we've only had Jordin Sparks

On to tonights show....

Starts with the drama of the homeless girl looking for a home...and she's supposedly gotten the flu...but gets better and finds a home.

Cop woman is extremely irritating.......more sirens and paramedics....tempers flare the pressure starts tearing everyone apart.....AFTER the break.

Briele's mom is the consumate stage mother.....Symone is back from the hospital and starts looking for a group.

Jihun v. "The Cowboy".....just this years version of the group that can't get along.

Homeless girl is confident because she has JC on her side

The episode ends and we have to wait until next Wednesday to find out what happens on an American Idol that you will have to see to believe!!!!

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