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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rubbertoe's predictions based on Pasadena Pimping

So...I thought it would be fun to make an early prediction of who we will see in the top 12 based on the amount of pimping that AI has been giving each of the contestants so far, but mainly on Pasadena...aka Hollywood to the unknowledgeable.

It will be fun to see how many we get right. Give your predictions as well!

Top 6 Girls

1. Jen Hirsch - She's gotten probably the most pimpage for the females, almost on the range of Pia from last year. The AI pimps will not allow her not to be in the top 12.

2. Sklyer Lane - Another shoo-in for the top 12. Hell....we had Jennifer saying she's another Reba and Steven saying "one of the best performances we've seen" within 5 seconds of each other. Again...AI will not allow her not to be in the top 12.

3. Shannon McGrane -

4. Bailey Brown

5. Hallie Day -

6. Briele Von Hugel - She's like that girl from a few years back, you know the loud mouth that didn't get past the top 24. However, this time around, she's THAT girl but without all the negative pimpage...and AI loves a good stage mom drama story.

Wildcard - Hollie Cavanaugh. I hope she actually displaces one of the others. She's young and more in line with the typical AI girl, however, she hasn't been pimped as much as the we will see if she makes it.

Top 6 Guys

1. Phil Phillips - They have been pimping this guy from day 1. To me, he is a cross between Casey and Lee Dewyze. He's the kind of guy that we always see one of in the top 12.

2. Creighton Faker - Another one that AI has been pimping hard from the beginning. I don't get it. I find him irritating in a Phil Stacey kind of way.

3. Adam Brock - He's different that the typical idol guys, he looks older and has a much more soulful sound. He'll be this year's Taylor Hicks

4. Colton Dixon - AI has been pimping him as the "comeback" player who didn't even plan on auditioning. He's been getting tons of airplay. He'll me in the top 12 for sure.

5. Heejun Han - He's been getting as much AI pimping as anyone...and AI likes having a little diversity in the mix. He's a funny guy with a good voice. I think he's in the top 12 as well.

6. Reed Grimm - Another one that I can't stand, but AI has been giving major pimpage.

Wildcards - Marcellus and Eben

As a second prediction...I am more confident about my guy choices that the girl choices. I would be shocked if I don't get at least 5 of 6 guys correct here.

One final note - I know its early, but at this point, I usually have a handful of people that I really love. This year, I am ambivalent towards the entire lot. Could this be another season like season 9 where you just didn't really care about any of them that much? For me...its starting to look this way. I'm hoping to see someone emerge, but at this point its looking like a weak weak season to me.


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