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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Idol begins its pimping

Group Night

First up - Betty and the Boops...
Michelle was good, Cherie not so much, Cari - pretty good....Gabrielle, I would send through Jennifer and Cari.

Next group... Tone full of a bunch of them that I don't like.
Reed Grimm....I don't like, Nick Boddington...should be out.Creighton Graker, cut....Aaron Marcellus should go through.Jen Hirsh...not good enough. I think the judges are going to put them all through. I would put Aaron through alone. The judges send them all through.

6-7-9: Briele with the stage mother. Kyle crew. He's got a good voice.Brielle a mess...Joshua Ledet...should go through for sure.Shannon
That group was a mess...with the exception of standout Joshua...and maybe Kyle.
Kyle is the only one cut....

The make you believers....Tent girl group. Jackie falls out...will she make it. Justin Cundiff....forgets the lyrics...Amy Brumfield (tent girl....forgets lyrics too)....none of them sound good. Mathenee Treco....the best of the bad. They all are going home. Mathenee makes it through.

Those Girls and that Guy - Includes the annoying cop, Christian who was sick. Christian Lopez...I would cut...just average voice. Alisha (cop), cut....Samantha....hmmmm...this group is going home.

Area 451- But first....more Drama....another person passes out. She's up...and then passes out again. Imani makes it back to the group again. Bryce Garcia starts off weak...really really weak....but Johnny Keyser is good, Kristi Krause....not good. Imani...brings it through, but then she collapses again. She's gown and Johnny keeps singing....WTF....shows bad sportsmanship and lack of character. Imani gets sent home too...Johnny makes it through.

Hollywood Five...The young kids group. Ariel....nice voice. Eben...I like him a lot. Gabi...not as strong as the others, but still pretty good. David Leathers....and Jeremy Rosado the weakest of the bunch. I think they will all go through...and they do.

MIT....the final group?

There were 185 people....we couldn't have seen more than 70-80 of the here.
Richey disappears into the "confessions room". He says "There is no compromise between good and bad". He expects to stand above his group. This sounds like a recipe for disaster for him. Heehun starts ....Jennifer says Beautiful...I say not so much...Richie...what the hell.....Phillip Phillips...I don't like him....he reminds me too much of the freaks of the past. I missed the other guys name...They all go through.

On to the individual round

Joshua Ledet - Hes got a little bit of a raspy voice, different than expected. He's good...I'm just not sure he's good enough. Good enough to get through this round.

Colton Dixon -This was not his best performance, but good enough to got through.

Phil Phillips - He's a cute guy, but I hate this style of music...he reminds me of a cross between Casey and Lee Dewyze. He'll make it through, against my wishes

Jen Hirsh - Nothing special here. She was better when it went up tempo, but nothing about her stands out.

Creighton Fraker - This guys voice is ok...but he is soooooo annoying. This was one of his better performances.

Reed Grimm - Another one that I can't stand. He's going to play the drums? That was a disaster when a guy tried this in a past season. The judges crucified him the last time around for doing this. Randy says "Another Casey"...all I can I hope to God not. He's actually got a better voice than Casey, but he's as irritating as Creighton.

Shannon MaGrane - Shes got good range and growl like whats her name from last year...., but I think she is actually a little better than the girl from last year...see...I've already forgotten her name. Wow, and she's only 16.

Skyler Lane - More hospital drama...I don't like her nasally singing. She's no way good enough to go much further. Jennifer you are wrong...she is no Reba..and Steven says "one of the best performances today"....really?

Rachelle Lamb - Messes up at first...She wasn't any better than Skyler.

Adam Brock - 27..looks like he's 57. He looks like a High School Science teacher. He kinda sounds like a cross between Billy Joel and Ray Charles. Not my style of music..but he was pretty good. I'm afraid he might be another Taylor Hicks though.

We only get to see 10 in the solo round...are these all ones that Idol is going to pimp this year? Let's see how many of them make it into the top 24.

Onto the Rooms

four Rooms cotain:

1- Creighton, Jenn Hirsh, Colton, David Leathers, Jermaine Jones, Lauren Gray, Adam Brock, Joshua Ledet - They are definitely through

2 - Ebaen, Skyler, Philpp, Reed Grimm, Shanon McGrane, Jessica Phillips

3. Rochelle Lamb, Birttany Curr, - They are gone for sure

4. Haley Brown, Heejun, Angie Zedderman, Brittany Kellog.

I would say room 3 goes home...1,2,4 go through...and they do.

I'm always amazed at how many people sitting in the rooms, we have never seen? Will we seem them in the Vegas rounds?

More Drama....what happens in Vegas...will blow you away!

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