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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Guys ....but what is up with Ryan's poofy hair?

The Top 13 guys.

What's up with Ryans Poofy Hair? Ryan's new look is really bugging me. Maybe it will gorw on me.

Reed Grimm - Doesn't want to change any more dirty diapers. My first impression - I HATE it. He is so corny. Certainly does NOT have the moves like Jagger. Voice 5/performance 2 = 7 (The judges all loved him....I think they are all on crack again to start the season. Its not looking promising)

Adam Brock - Man with a large black woman trapped inside. Really....Aretha? He comes across way too old for Idol. Well...he's no Aretha, that's for sure. He's got a good voice, but once again the performance is weak. Voice 7/Performance 3 = 10

Deandre Brackensick - Love the Hair. Don't love the falsetto in the beginning. He's got a great look, but I don't love this love. Its way too high and annoying.
But he DID hit the real high note. I wanted to love it...but I didn't. Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12

Colton Dixon - I do like his look. Its kind of a throw back to the 80's. I thought he had a great overall package tonight. The judges say that he is "relevant". Voice 7/Performance 8 =15

Jeremy Rosado - the "Cheerleader" of the group. I understand why people like his voice. However, I don't. Its too high and "breathy". Not a bad performance though. Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12. He'll get votes for being a big teddy bear and also the stories of him supporting other people and being the "nice guy".

Aaron Marcellus - I said that he was too "trained" for idol and watching his intro I can see why. He's a vocal teacher and trained dancer. He's certainly more polished than the others and his vocals were right on. The high note at the end was the icing. Voice 8/Performance 8 - 16

Chase Likens - The Country Boy. He's definitely got the country voice. Its not a particularly strong voice though...and his look doesn't scream country so its a little weird looking at him and seeing the package. Overall...not too bad though. Voice 7/Performance 6 = 13 (He looks like a giant standing next to Ryan).

Creighton Fraker - He's certainly unique. This was probably his best performance for me. I've never liked him, but tonight I thought he was pretty good, maybe because he was more toned down. Voice 7/Performance 7 = 14
(Interestingly, we didn't get raves from the judges, only...we don't want to see you go home. Randy "We look at the whole package...but you can certainly sing"....was that a way of should go home?

Phil Phillips - The pawn shop guy. I like his look and he's got an interesting style, but he's really a one note wonder. What he does it all the same. This would get old really fast. Sadly I think America is going to fall for him and we will have several weeks of the same exact performance week after week. Voice 6/Performance 5 = 11 (He gets the Idol dad pimping).

Eben Frankewitz - He's trying for the Bieber look. I'm not sure picking Adele was a good idea, because she has such a unique voice. Its weird hearing someone else do this song. This was ont his best performance, but he is going to get votes for his Bieberish look. I expect him to make the top 12, despite this performance. Voice 5/performance 6 = 11

Heejun Han - the jokester. Wants to show America that Asians can do more than get high SAT scores. Good solid performance. Didn't blow me away, but solid. Voice 6/Performance 6 =12

Joshua Ledet - Mantasia. Incredible vocals. Best of the night. Vocals 10/Performance 8 = 18. The judges got this one right with their comments.
(He might be a little too gay for America though....I'm just sayin...please prove me wrong America).

Jermaine Jones - "The gentle giant". Major pimping here...playing on the sympathy and he sings "Dreams of my father". Good performance, but this guy is not AI material. Vocals - 7/performance 7 = 14.
Was that a true second chance or was it just Idol feeling sorry for him and giving him one last chance to say goodbye? I'm not sure.

Rubbertoe's Rankings:

Joshua Ledet
Aaron Marcellus
Colton Dixon
Creighton Fraker
Jermaine Jones
Chase Likens
Deadre Brackensick
Heejun Han
Jeremy Rosado
Eban Frankewitz
Phil Phillips
Adam Brock
Reed Grimm

Rubbertoe's Top 5 guys (based on overall): Joshua, Colton, Aaron, Eban and Deandre

America's top 5: Colton, Eben (for his bieberishness), Chase (gets the country vote), Creighton (because America always picks a weird one), Jermaine Jones (sympathy votes).

America will get it wrong with Joshua, but he will go through as a wildcard and I expect Phil Phillips to go through on a potential wildcard.

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