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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anything Goes When It Comes To Hoes --Er, Idols

-- 'cause pimpin' ain't easy!

Great post, Rubbertoe! We have been thinking along these same lines, ever since JLo said the thing about "we're looking for stars, not just singers". I expect Nigel was jumping in to the side of the table after each contestant sang, even though we don't see him on camera all the time.

Some thoughts on Rubbertoe's picks for Idol hard-sell:


Jen Hirsch -- yep -- definitely pimped, one of the few contestants that Idol let us hear almost her whole solo song

Skyler Lane -- yeah, the judge's comments were supposed to wow us in the way her song didn't.

Shannon McGrane -- you'd have thought the judges had a simultaneous orgasm the way they reacted to her. Too much growling, no connection to the emotion. Too young, really.

Bailey Brown -- I swear, I thought this was the Year of Bailey Brown, when I saw she was back. She's a hell of a lot better, but Idol has been sort of slow-pimping her.

Hallie Day -- oh, yeah, big time pimping. Kind of a plant, as she had a bit of a shot at a career in the past, but drugs sidelined her. I had forgotten how much Idol pimped her story about her Troll of a husband. Pretty good voice, though.

Brielle Von Hugel -- God, I hate her. But remember when MTV had that Real World show with that douchebag Puck? America loves to hate some of these people.

Hollie Cavanaugh has that kind of underdog story, for sure. Did we see much of her in Holly, er Pasadena Week?

But perhaps the most-Pimped award goes to Lauren Gray -- remember how they had that whole segment devoted to her being the next Carrie Underwood? it was crazy, over the top.


Phil Phillips -- maybe a little too Dave Matthews Band-ish for us
Definitely pimped from Day 1

Creighton Fraker - does have kind of annoying voice, but seems to have the kind of overblown power in his solo that the judges like

Adam Brock - I get the Danny Gokey kind of creeps from this guy, but I like his voice a little better than DG.

Colton Dixon -- yeah, Idol had their hopes set on this guy from the get-go. Why? He reminds me of Howard Jones (way back in the 1980s) for some reason.

Heejun Han -- we all know how Asians do on Idol. It's like, they want him in the top 12 -- as cannon fodder? No way he makes it past Number 10 or 11. But he's an entertaining weirdo.

Reed Grimm -- yes, looks to be annoying in the Casey mold, i.e. has enough screws loose that he could do ANYTHING on any given week. Doesn't he remind you of the crazy guy who jumped the gap to Simon's table on Hollywood week, and scared the shit out of the judges?

Eben -- has the "OMG he's 16" factor, but he's too square to really get the Tween vote, so will Idol pimp him very far?

What, no Johnny Keyser? I figured he's the Pimpiest of them all this year.

Johnny, then, and Josh Ledet -- I think Idol wants him to go further.

Can't wait to watch tonight to see if the Idol star-making factory keeps churning 'em out!

Dr L & K

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