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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 12 Girls: “Kinda Trainwrecky”

Alright, I am on the sofa, drinking my Pressed Juicery “Roots 3” (yum!) and I am ready to watch some Idol! K says “work it Baylie”! She knows the wardrobe tricks.
First up Chelsie – she loves some fishin’, huntin’ and hangin’ with her mom. Song – Cowboy Cassanova. K says – she is also workin’ it tonight. Sounds pretty good – but overall a bit of a lackluster performance. Not sure it was a great choice for her. K agrees with JLo that she “sounded a bit nasally”.

Erika VanPelt – Not much exciting going on in her hometown or with her family. That might not bode well with voters this early – you seem to need a hook. Song- What about Love: Finally someone that the song doesn’t swallow up. Good energy and tone, powered on through that song. Cute hair tonight!

Jen Hirsch – Cali girl and family owns a winery – fun! Song: One and Only – K says ‘boob alert’ two of three. The judges obviously want her to stay. K & I are not as familiar with this Adele tune – so it was hard to know exactly what Jen did with the song.

Brielle – arghh…did not like her or her mom in the earlier part of the competition! If her mom is the ‘mom’ of the group – I feel sorry for those kids. Ugh – this performance is so affected! ‘sittin’ on the doca of the baaayyy’ VFTW will love her! How about that cheerleading move at the end of the song?! K says the judges are on crack and ‘boob alert’ 2.5 of 4 (she tried).

Hallie Day – she and her husband have a cute lil’ house back in Baltimore. Her outfit is not the most flattering – but love the hair. Song: Feelin’ Good - Best voice so far! Nice interpretation of this classic tune. I think the older audience will enjoy her – but not sure what the younger crowd will think –will they keep her in the competition?

Skylar – just muddin’ around in Mississippi! (Ridin’ around with her friend - how many Haleys are out there in the world?!) Song – Stay with me or ‘spazz’ with me!: K says ‘boob alert’ 4.5 of 6. She could probably make a country hit out of this song (didn’t know that Travis Tritt had recorded it). She has had the most energy so far, almost spazzing out on us– love the fist pump with the mic. She really wants to be here.

Baylie – that was sweet that she filmed her grandpa. Song – Amazed – little rocky start and some bum notes here and there. She can hit the power notes when she needs to – but seems to have some trouble with transitions. K says that by herself, she bumbs the boob alert to 7 out of 7.

Hollie – seems to have a nice family and what a cute dog at home! Song – Disney tune? Huge tune and Big voice for such a little girl – wow! She really powered through her nerves much better than Baylie. How about those notes! She could definitely hold her own against the boys.

Note to Idol: if you WANT a girl to win – please don’t bash all the girls and let the guys get by with softball comments!

Haley – hey, I’ve got those rainboots too! She needs them much more in Oregon, I guess. Song – Sweet Dreams: Interesting choice (love this song, but)…kinda creeped out by the eyeballs in the background. Seems a bit screechy and off key to me. K says the whole thing was creepy. Okay – kinda inappropriate comment by Steven? And we are falling behind in the boob alerts.

Shannon – nice house in Tampa. Ryan trying to start something with Steven and Shannon’s dad. Song - ? candle? I’m sure I am unpopular in this thought – but, this song and that dress are too old for a sixteen year old. I know she has a big voice, but I think they could have helped her select a more youthful approach for this early round of voting. Judges clearly love her and want her to stay – you know they would say something different if they didn’t want her in the competition. We have heard them tell younger contestants to pick youthful tunes.

Jessica Sanchez – sympathy card – vocal chord problems. Doin’ some shoppin’ with dad @ home in San Diego. Song – Love you I do - it started a bit low - but she could just be holding back since she has had vocal chord issues. Great power note! (I think this is another example of a song that is too old for the singer – we will see what the judges say…) K says valiant effort with a bum voice! Judges working hard to keep her in the competition (confidence, swagger, perfect pitch, etc.).
Just a thought at this point – on the whole, the boys were just much more entertaining last night.

Elise – beautiful beach in Charleston, SC. Family is in NJ – very sweet and supportive. Song – One and Only: the only girl to use an instrument tonight. Soulful sound - she really has the most naturally soulful voice of the girls. Emotional connection to the song – great! Cute personality – love the room service flowers in her hair. K says enjoyed almost everything about the performance except for the ridiculous hand gestures. Judges love her and want her to stay. BTW – we didn’t realize at the time that Jen had sung the same song – wow – Elise blew her out of the water.

Ones to go home: Chelsea, Brielle, Hallie, Baylie, Haley, Shannon, Jen (although we see that Brielle seems to have a strong voting block – if you are following Dial Idol).

Hey J and Rubbertoe - we can’t wait to hear what you guys are thinking about the Top 24! Looking forward to your posts!
DrL & K

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