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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge.... First up...Megan Miller - is going to Hollywood...but first going to surgery. Good strong contender. Next up..Charlie. First WGWG.....but no guitar on stage. Suffers from something like Aspergers....he's more than a bit strange. My guess is that they are going to put him through....I wouldn't, but I think they will. Randy says seeming dark and strange but cool. Nikki says Mystery man. He's on to Hollywood. His sister has clown hair. Strange family. Maddie Asael - Nominated by her grandmother, who is decked out in Mardi Gras garb. She can sing,but uses too much "gadgetry" in her singing, which is going to get out really really fast. She is going to have to recognize that she needs to control her style more and not throw in the kitchen sink if she is going to get past Hollywood. Paul Jolley - Sings better than I expected. Got a little too much of the WeHo going on for AI, so I don't anticipate he'll make it far. But we shall see.... Mushroom - I loved Keith's comment "I loved the keys that song was in". He has a girlfriend? More like a "Girlfriend". Calvin Peters- Resident physician. Cute Cute smile. Not the best voice in the world, but good enough for round 1 and I would have put him through based on looks and charisma alone. Michelle Monterzerri - Breanna Starr - Brandy Hotard....all through to Hollywood. Next up...Fireman Dustin - Kind of a strange country voice. Hunky guy, but he'll be gone quick. Bernelle - Lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. He was awesomely animated and I loved watching him. I want to see more from this guy. Cute Smile and Cute spirit from this guy. Nikki said it all "While everyone else auditioned, you entertained us".

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