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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A talent showdone in Chi-Town

Night 2 starts off with a really stupid skit. I don't know what they were thinking there....Lame attempt at humor. AI is in of my most favorite cities in America. McKenzie Wasner - cute girl. Pretty voice. Kinda sounds a little like a young Dolly Parton. I think she is a great possibility for a top 12. The judges agree! Kierra Lanier- Sang for President Obama. She looks like a giant next to Ryan. I don't think that she is all that. I don't know how she got picked to sing for the President. I wouldn't even put her through to Hollywood...but the judges seem to disagree with me on this one. Stephanie Schmiel - We get our first "Throwback" singer...we get one of these every year and they never go too far. I agreed with Nikki on this one. They put her through. .....and then we get more Diva Drama. Boooooorrrrrring. Melissa Bush - This is going to be bad. You can tell by the pink costume and she seems slightly mentally ill. Yep.... Gsbe Brown - Baker from Iowa. He's a screamer...but surprisingly screams with at least some musicality....but when he turns it down, it definitely shows his weaknesses. They surprisingly put him through...but we won't last past the first round in Hollywood. Kevin - Ninja Rap....another freak show....and a collage of broken hearts, which at least showed a little heart. Isabell Parell - Voice is too wispy and weak....and he outfit is hideous. She's a trainwreck. Nikki told her she is like a star...what? All the judges liked her, except Randy. Randy is the only one who got this one right. She won't last past Hollywood round 1. Griffin Peterson - HELLO....I would put him through before a note came out of his mouth. He isn't much of a singer. He has some musicality to his voice, but it was weak. With Keith gone to do a concert in Vegas....the chicks put him through. Curtis Finch Jr. - He has a good gospel voice, but I don't think he has what it takes for AI, but he's a shoo-in for Hollywood. Mariah Pulce..... anorexia recoverer.... decent voice but not likely to go far. She sings with a lot of feeling, but the she doesn't have the package. Brandy Neely - Backgrownd story...adopted by her aunt. very strong and powerful country voice. I like her a lot. Gotta little bit of a raspy undertone to it. Josh Holiday - Good voice, but nothing special. Good enough though Courtney Williams - Good..but not likely to go far Clifton Duffin - Neut he isn't going to ever sang for his parents. Decent but not strong enough to make it far in Hollywood. Johnny Keiser back from season 11 - I remember him being better than this. Good enough for Hollywood...but I'm curious to look back and see what I thought of him last year. Kesban - Fire performer. - She can actually singing.....unique performer for sure. Not AI material, but talented. In a squirrel nut zippers kinda way. I would say yes. Is it me....or has Ryan been hitting the gym....seriously. He's look kinda Buff. Ashley - whenever people say "my voice is like something people haven't heard before" it usually means it is going to be really bad. and it once again proves to be true. Lazaro from Cuba. Really cute guy. Serious stuttering. Pretty good singer...but I'm not sure that he is good enough to go very far. I wanted him to be a little bit better than he was. I love the story and he's obviously had such a hard time in life. I was happy to see him make it through.

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