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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Queens and a Glee project star

First up Vincent - Another one from last year. I don't remember him, but I do remember Randy sucking his soda during the Hollywood Audition. He has a great voice. Great runs and musicality. Then...the two brother who just couldn't understand that they weren't really good. When they show this type of thing, I always wonder if it is real or staged. These guys seem serious though so hmmmmmmm who knows Savanannah - typical AI single young mother story. Been there, um....about 100 times before. She has a super raspy voice. Of course she makes it through to Hollywood. I don't see her going much beyond that though. Ok...So my new computer just erased half of what I posted....this is REALLY beginning to irritate me. There was some singer...can't remember her name...but I didn't think she was that great...and then there was the Arkansas Razorback husband who was so oblivious to their comments.(she is so ready to be away from her husband for months on end.....) Victoria Acosta - Mariachi singer. I think she has a lot of potential. I like the fact that she brings a little mexican ethnicity to what is often a rather bland idol. I want to see her make it into the top 12 and I think that she could. Not sure what she was thinking with the audition outfit though. Super short shorts. Pappa Peaches - A big black woman trapped in a little white boys body. He's doing "FABULOUS". He's just too freaky. Nikki really likes him, Randy puts him through to Hollywood. I can't believe it. This is like that Norman guy from a couple years ago. He isn't going to last long in Hollywood. Didn't catch his name....Mom from Tanzania, dad from Kenya...speaks Swaheli...Both he and his brother come across to me as fairly butch lesbians, even though they are both boys...kinda interesting. He sings and dances with his church group. Good enough for Hollywood, but unless he gets a big church vote like so many AI's do...he isn't going to last long... Adam Sanders - OMG this guy is a SUPER QUEEN. He CAN sing though. So theatrical though. Incredible power and range though. Surprised the entire panel. From one Queen to another...second half moves to Long Beach and the Queen Mary.... Shuba Vidula - Love that name!!!! Wow...where did that voice come from? She sings so differently than she talks. Mariah arrives...and she is literally busting out of her dress...beautiful dress though.... Brian Martinez - Singing in the restroom and a producer heard him...he is so nervous he is making me nervous. Take a breath expected...he is horrible. Matt Farmer - Cute guy with his daughter. Served in Iraq..hit an IED and has diagnosed with a traumatic brain disorder that was supposed to make him sterile. Brings his daughter on stage. Sorry, don't wanna be cold but that just doesn't seem fair. Seems a little manipulative...especially with the tattoo of his fallen friends. Good enough for Hollywood, not sure that he has what it takes to go far, but this is the type of guy who might get through on his story. Stephanie Sanson - Purple hair girl. Ok....screaming freak...ok that was just stupid. Jesiah Baer - Sets the fire alarms off. Shes got one of those gimmicky retro voices that we hear every year. Not going to go far. Mikka Johnson - Had tonsils taken out and Doctor left him with a speech impediment - Wow...he can SING. What is it about speech impediments that people can sing...but they have trouble talking? I'm going to have to ask my Speech Therapist friend. Beautiful....Beautiful. Mariah said it best....moved by story but even absent the story would have been moved by the voice. Kimberly Rachel Hale - Good enough for Hollywood but I don't see anything special here.....except she is the happiest contestant ever.... Brianna Oakley - Bullied severely for being on Maury's most talented kids. She's 16 but looks 26. She can definitely sing. However, she was eating something yellow green and every time she opens her mouth wide you can see it on her tongue....lesson to be learned...if auditioning don't eat before your audition...but this girl has potential. Mattheus - This is the guy from the Glee project. I knew it when I saw him last week in the preview. I LOVED him on the Glee project. He's a cutie. He'll make it through to Hollywood. I know this even before he opens his mouth. I'm amazed that he is this emotional because he went far in the Glee project so this isn't the first time he's been given and gone far with a chance.

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