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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Back.....

So, Season 12. AI starts in perfect AI fashion. I always look forward to the season opening montage. This is what we have been waiting for for the last 7 months. I loved the Phil Phillips audition to star story...although I was remind why I didn't like Philllip very much last year. We we finally get to the auditions one thing becomes Crystal clear. They are trying waaaaaaaaaay too hard to play up this Mariah/Nikki diva drama. It was so obviously stages....and yet, it continues after the commercial break. I hope to God that they don't continue this all season long. Staged drama is just not attractive and it doesn't sell with most of us. Tenna Torres - Good enough for Hollywood, but a little too much fluff without substance. Some of the runs were good, others were not and it lacked depth for me. Shane Spade or was it James? - America wants a character. Justin Bieber meets William Hung. I knew this was going to be bade when we was wearing Real 3D glasses. Christina Isabelle - Struggled with weight. This girl has some serious pipes. Definitely heading to Hollywood and probably quite a bit further. Evan - one legged tape Dancer, diagnosed with cancer. First Cancer story of season 12. Had to have his leg amputated. Weird choice of audition song...I'm yours. I would have said no based strictly on voice...much better with Bon Jovi. Good enough for Hollywood with Bon Jovi dead or alive...but couldn't get past the first impression. Jessica Kartalis - Better singer than guitar player. They should have let her sing another song. THEY are the ones who pushed her to play an original on guitar. I think she might have been ok, but they never gave her the chance. Shirah Gavrio;ov - From Isreal. I really like her voice. Very nice tone to her voice. She's through to Hollywood. Frankie Ford from Brooklyn New York. Sings on the train to make money. Sweet Dreams...sounded awesome to me. My favorite of the night so far. Mariah says he has an inner glow that can't be reproduced because it is so honest. I agree. Frankie Goes to Hollywood.....I love it. We get a Michael Jackson clown. Rosanna - sings for her parents, but not usually for other people. Now we know why. Knew it was going to be bad strictly by the parents. Sad thing is, with people like this, is that they are not obviously clowns...they really think that they can sing well. Next up...Jersey Girl - Sarah Restuccio - Decent voice. Don't know if it is good enough to go far. But good enough at this stage. Albert Chang - Phantom of the opera....better range than Mariah....according to Nikki. This time Mariah looks honestly a bit peeved. Angela Miller - Hearing loss girl. She is really good. One of the better singers tonight. Brent Home - Knows more about America Idol than anyone in America. Has auditioned 7 times... Maybe 8 is the charm? Maybe not. The Turbinator - Gurprit Sareen - He has a pretty good voice. Better than a lot, they put him through barely. but he isn't going to last very long. Ashley Feliciano - Family adopts medically complex children. Wow...great story. I like her...I really like her. Nice quality to her voice. Nice balance of tone, range and power. I was skeptical at the beginning of tonight....but tonight was AI at its best. I have great expectation for season 12.

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