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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letter to AI producers

Dear American Idol Producers: I am writing this letter to say, PLEASE cool it with the manufactured drama. We don't tune into AI to watch fake diva fights between the judges. We tune in because we LOVE the REAL drama that is always created by the show. We tune in to watch the REAL zero to hero journeys of the contestants. We tune in for the talent, not the "stars". If you haven't learned this after 12 seasons, then I'm afraid that all of your efforts to keep the show "fresh" and to keep viewers from dropping off are in vain. Stick with the unscripted talent and leave the manufactured stuff out of it. There are plenty of other X-Factors out there for those who want that type of stuff. But please leave American Idol to us fans. Sincerely, Rubbertoe.

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