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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Divas, Dawg, & Dude from Down Under Do Chi-Town

Premiere part Two, Chicago. 

I like how they toss around Jennifer Hudson's name like she WON Idol LOL.
Nikki looks even more ridiculous -- how will she keep this up in the weeks ahead? I guess she'll be nude, on fire, or both.

The opening -- continuing the theme of ridiculing the delusional. 

Mackenzie from Tennessee -- sweet voice, pretty girl. Makes the inclusion of Ms. Minaj even more absurd here -- what world does her "talent" match up to this girl's natural ability? Something else to think about -- Dr. L wondered if this girl was a plant.

OMG -- Kiara from Chicago continues the in-your-face lovefest for Mariah!!! I love it! Nikki has to be seething inside. This girl can sing, and has a nice stage presence. 

Stephanie -- nervous but had a pretty, breathy voice. Good lord, the crazy comments from NM. I'm sick of this psycho already. The season has barely begun!

Shiny Massage Therapist -- Dr. L wonders if the contestants have to sign a waiver that says you may potentially be humiliated. I'm sure they do -- but they don't read it. One of these days, I fear one of these savaged folks is going to go postal.

Nigel alert! First time we've seen at these? Dr. L said he's really a puppet master :)

Gabe the Baker/Rocker -- could have gone the other way. The shrieky rocking actually had a good voice behind it. I wonder how he will fare In Hollywood?

Kevin the spaz animator. Wow, the cavalcade of the delusional has begun. It really seems like Idol is shooting for the lowest common denominator Idol viewer this season. I'd like to hear the good singers, not watch the (obviously planted) bad singers crash and burn. 

Isabelle -- this is what I'm talking about. Nice, can sing and is a pleasant person. She could be a contender. OMG 15!!! They have to love that. But --Why would Randy say no to a girl who can actual sing? wtf.

Lucky Keith gets to skip town. He will be missed the rest of the day...

Griffin -- eye candy -- and an Aiiight voice. He gets the pass because the ladies like him. I thinks some guys will too!…

Curtis -- charter school tutor. Seems like a nice guy. One of those "hope he can sing" intros, because he's so nice. Wow, he took them to Church! Good for him. 

Mariah -- recovering from anorexia. A sad story, but damn Idol, how they love to pimp the pain. She's though to Hollywood -- Dr. L said Nigel's back there pushing stories like this. I wonder how these fragile people will handle Hollywood.

Day Two --

Sob story Brandy from KY. She didn't need it -- she can really sing. We think she can go far. Is it me or have we NOT seen a White Guy With Guitar yet?  Maybe this is the year to break the cycle.

Josh from TX -- Singing Brian McKnight. I liked it up to the falsetto. And his hair looked like a raccoon. But he's through anyway -- we didn't get it.

Courtney -- Nice voice, boring performer. Knock on Wood guy is the opposite. They both go thru.

Clifton -- parents never heard him before. Could have been the setup for a train wreck. But he was good. Nice to see Keith tear up for the family angle. It's almost like KU is too nice for this insanity. 

Iesha -- when she said she was a professional dancer I think it's clear that meant -- stripper. Wow -- that was painful singing. I like how Randy has done this so long he's just brutally honest. 

Hey -- Hunky Johnny Keyser from last year! This was not the best song choice. I remember him sounding better than this. But they seem to like him. My memory is Hollywood killed him. If J was here he'd remember. Dr. L wondered, do THEY come back or does Idol go GET them?

Kez Ban -- she's a freak, but the kind of freak whose CD I would probably buy and love. I hope this gives her the attention she needs to get a break. She'll never go far on Idol, but I liked her sound a lot. I love that she was so self-aware of her strangeness.

Another stupid montage of bad singers. Then they fake us out with the twin Ashley. I thought they were setting us up for good singing -- but hell no. Holy crap, they had to kick her out. 

AAANnnd -- the incredible Idol moment. Hey, have you seen Hunger Games? I feel like Idol has become that. It's not enough that you can sing, you have to have a flaming dress, and some incredible sob story, that you can pander for votes with? This guy is a stutterer, with an angelic voice. But we all know he'll get ripped to shreds down the line. 

Next stop -- Charlotte! And NM has another meltdown. Sigh.
Can't wait to hear what RT thought of Chi Town!

Dr. L & K out :)

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