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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dun Dun In Charlotte

Charlotte after 1/2 way through...I hit something on my computer and complete deleted my entire blog. I can't really recreate it...only to say that I am not loving the forced Diva Drama. I think is is soooooo unbecoming of AI. I think they are over exploiting the mentally ill tonight. I completely did not "get" the Isabelle girl from the High School that Randy surprised. I thought her voice was weird and would never have put her through. I'm afraid she might be the "I don't get her" contestant of 2013. I loved the "I did the country thing girl". I completely agreed with Nikki. I though she was absolutely 100% right on with her comments regarding the other judges. Blondie.....looks like a complete train wreck...but she is the surprise of the night. Sings Carrie Underwood. Oh...and I just remembered...I really like the Jimmy Smith guy. I think he is going to be around for a while. LOVED the collage of Nikkis nicknames. I thought it was fun. Janelle Arthur - I LOVE this girl. Cute and a great voice. I wanna see what AI does with this girl in the top 12....because I'll say it now. She's a shoo-in for the top 12. Rodney Barber - Street Singer - Voice of Charlotte. Takes 1/2 of his street profits and gives it to homeless....he was homeless once himself. Good voice. Good for Hollywood, but I think not much beyond that. Candace Glover - Got cut in Hollywood last year. I don't really remember her. She definitely has the pipes. Randy gives her a standing O. Mariah and Randy both say absolute best so far. Nikki says she should make it to the final. JaBria Barber - the Frog Killer. Great soulful voice with an attitude. I LOVE this girl. Seritha Guin - Very unique voice....I like her because she's interesting and a little bit different.

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