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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In It To Win It Redux

Idol does songs from  Cinema. Top 11 looked good coming out onstage, like the Stylists have kicked in. Good to see MK's hair instead of a cap, and did Jessica get extensions? I won't even comment on all the lame "casting" videos. This filler, if removed, would bring the show down to a manageable hour.

First up, Sam. They must think he's safe. Doing Come Together, by the Beatles. This was pretty white-bread. He's got a good voice but I don't think he connected to the song. The judges implore him to kill the bug in his ass.

Next, Jessica -- Sounds of Silence from S&G. Was great until the band kicked in. She has one of the best voices here, but she needs to come alive. The judges seem to think this too. It's like she's still in an Alabama bar.

Up next is CJ -- doing a classic Marshall Tucker Band song, Can't You See. An amazing job. Just what he needed to do.   Harry & crew loved it.

Dexter-- Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Great song choice. Did OK job, but it is such a crowd favorite he will sail through.

Ben up next: he looks like an evil carnival barker tonight. Bennie & the Jets -- this could be a train wreck.  I feel like I'm on acid watching this. Where is Vote For The Worst when you need them? It's not like his voice is bad -- it's just such a demented performance. Jlo was confused. Harry is too. As Keith is tearing him a new one, he looks like he's about to chew his own tongue off.

Alabama voting block kicking ass.

Majesty doing Frozen's Let it Go, a song unworthy to win an Oscar in my book. This is WAY too big for her, and she's out of breath. Off key, as well? This sucks. I wish it was over already. Harry is soft-balling her. They must want her to stay in. If you listen to what they are saying, they didn't really dig it, but they talked all around it.

I do like the goofy videos where the Idols show their numbers.

Caleb: doing Skyfall. Whoa -- what will this be like? Not bad. He should have done Chris Cornell's Bond song from Casino Royale. But this was a better switchup than the others tonight. Judges liked it. Not a mind-blower, though.

MK, doing To Make You Feel My Love from Hope Floats. Great, solid, understated performance. Is it enough for America? Her voice is kind of KD Lang-ish, isn't it? I feel like some record company will snatch her up.

Alex is doing Falling Slowly from Once. I don't know this song. Dr. L did. He's doing a good Alex performance. Better than many others tonight. Harry loved it. Alex seems like a genuine guy.

Jena -- doing a Twilight song, so I automatically hate it. Ryan spazzes out on the movie like a 14 year old girl. This is a Paramore song. She's Jena-ing the shit out of it. The band kicks in and blows her off the stage. It's like one giant melisma. Can she sing anything without this affectation? The judges give her a tongue bath. Jlo wonders why America put her in the bottom 3? I don't.

Malaya -- doing Dreamgirls, I am Changing. This is like a High School Talent Competition. It has moments of greatness, but it was just too shout-y for me. She is getting better, now that she toned down the wackiness. All in all, still probably best of the girls.

Bottom 3: Ben, Jessica, Jena
Top 3: CJ, Alex, Malaya

Ben goes home.



Rubbertoe said...

I was glad to see Ben go home. Surprised to see Sam and Majesty in the bottom...well a little surprized.

One thing I keep meaning to mention. Have you noticed all the cell phones this year? This must be a change in policy because in the past they were extremely crazy about not allowing any cell phones inside. I find it somewhat perplexing how/why they changed the policy. Maybe to appeal to younger viewers?

DrL/K said...

Yeah, the cell phone thing is really weird! We got into the show @midnight a couple of weeks ago, and they were INSANE about no cell phones -- at least Idol would let you have them in line, and then took them away before you went in. The @midnight people said you had to put them in your car! If you made it to the door and they found it, you would not get in.

I think every time Ryan tries to be cool with the selfie thing, he looks ridiculous.