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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top 12 Results Night: Pawn Shop Worker Evicts Family - Goes on Tour with 'The Boss' in Rio

Results Night - Here we go! 

Okay - "Mega Star" Phil Phillips? That is an interesting title for him. Ryan really plays it up later by asking him about John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen. We get a little mini lecture by 'Harsh Harry' about why he is not buttering up all the contestants - go Harry! 

First four are called down front: 


Emily first in bottom 3. Kind of surprised she ended up here - but maybe taking on the JLo song was just too big for her. 

We are fast fwding through Phil's tune - it is just okay…gets jazzed up at the end. 

2nd group is up now: 

Jena  - too stiff - needs to come out of her shell - and she ends up in the bottom 3 

Dexter  - really enjoyed his performance last night. He seems to take judges comments seriously

Majesty  - safe
Alex - safe 

Here is Randy's choice of a band - Kodaline. Sounds pretty good - and it appeared that CJ thought the same thing - we see him reaching to speak to Randy about it. 

And the final group of four comes down: 

Malaya - saved by the gospel tune

MK rounds out the bottom three this week. The Judges 'save' option is in play and when you consider the group - it looks about right based on the performances. Jena is safe! Wow - thought MK was gone this week - so now Emily is singing for her life. This just be hard on JLo - she was really championing her. And it looks like Emily's light will not be shining above the Idol stage anymore. 

Looking forward to next week! 

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

I really like Phillip Phillips performance. As you know, I was not a huge fan of his when he was a contestant. I didn't like the way his covers all sounded like a phil phillips version of the same song. But I have to say, his "original" stuff is actually pretty good.
I didn't love the other band though....0 for 2 in my book with these new comer showcasers.