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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top Ten, but only about 3-4 showed up

Idol Top Ten -- doing songs from the Top Ten (of all time?)

Some earthquake jokes with Ryan and the judges -- Dr. L and I slept through it.
The Idols are all looking more styled -- funny how they let them flounder a few weeks.

MK -- her hair looks like fire, or little chili peppers. I thought it was better last week, but still beats a hat. She's doing Pink. Good voice that never has the performance rise to the same level, for me. Kind of forgettable, and she kind of slouches through it. If she sticks around maybe in 2-3 weeks she'll do something. But she might not get the chance.

Dexter -- talking about song choice. He's been dialed in most weeks. Doing Florida-Georgia line, smart move. He knows his audience. His performance style is non-existent (does walking around count?) but he picks perfect songs. Not a great performance but he'll "Cruise" through to next week. PS, he should lose the Amish beard thing.

Jena (GEE-nah) -- doing a Zedd song. Who the F is Zedd? She looks cute and age-appropriate. Her voice is so damn annoying. I can never make out her lyrics on the low end. She makes Dexter sound like a Rhodes scholar with the diction. This is another case where the song/band did all the heavy lifting. I swear I saw JLo cringing at one point. Why does Harry like it? She looks the part, for sure, but I get no pulse from her. True, she was best of the night so far, but that ain't saying much.

Alex -- One Direction fans are called Directioners? Holy shit, I must be old, because that seems incredibly lame. I don't like this band, so I don't know if Alex is doing a good job or not. It's probably a smart move, because this band is so popular. It sounds like the black hole of what Pop music has become, to me. But I like this kid, I hope he makes it.

Listening to the judges, I am reminded of the old John carpenter movie, They Live. Remember that one? Where everyone is hypnotized to believe the fake black&white alien-controlled world is real, unless you wear special glasses? I feel like I'm wearing those glasses tonight, watching this.

Malaya -- doing Bruno Mars. She really has a pretty, clear voice, when she's in the groove. To me, this is the best of the night so far. So good, it is one of those faith-restoring songs on Idol. They should all put in this kind of effort. She has really evolved, I hope she stays.

Caleb -- doing Lady Gaga? Could be dope, could suck ass. Edge of Glory. Doing OK, almost like Soundgarden version of this (I always hear that in his voice). Not his best but better than last week, and right behind Malaya for me.  I feel like it was a weird song choice -- he did a decent job singing it, but it was nowhere near a moment.

I do love the interplay between these judges. It makes Lord Seacrest more bearable.

CJ --  doing Hunter Hayes.  He looks great -- totally losing the country hick thing. He has a nice soulful performing style, but I totally hear the sharpness in his voice every time now. This song was not a show-stopper like last week. He's probably OK but it will be on his voting base's shoulders, not his singing.

Jessica -- doing Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks. I like this kind of country-pop sound. She was out front of the band, which was great. I think this was a perfect song choice. She seemed to be into it, to, which was good for her. Harry shat upon it, but he has a point. All in all it was in my top 3 tonight, so far.

Majesty -- doing Avecii? I really like her voice. Is the vote getting split between her and Malaya? Sometimes America is stupid like that. I thought this was a fine performance. She earned her way back in my book, but America might not have that opinion. I don't know the song, so I didn't hear what Keith was saying. I think JLo was right that she was a little afraid. I forget sometimes how young these guys are.

Sam -- in the pimp spot with that annoying Twenty-nothing anthem, We Are Young. I do like this song, just not the PBR-swilling douchebags who seem to rally behind it. He has a great voice, but I'm not sure about his style --- who does he want to be? It probably doesn't matter, because he picked a good song for people to vote on.

Dr. L is out of town at a conference, so it's just the K view here, but I say my top three were Malaya, Alex, Jessica. My bottom three were MK, Dexter and maybe CJ. I think MK needed to step up, and didn't. I think that combined with the KOD spot and MK will be gone.

K Out!!!

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